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Innovative thin backplates for iPhones are chic & favor all personalities

Available in different options, SnapBacks is a brutally honest product that eradicates boredom from life.

SnapBack covers in different colors
Image: SnapBack

Smartphones are glued to our palms till the time we fall asleep. Thus, an object in continual proximity ought to be kept trendy and appealing.

Therefore, this is where the SnapBack phone backplate steps in orating a thousand words about the owner’s personality.

Understanding the importance of phone covers, SnapBacks launched its ever-so-versatile backplates for iPhones to enhance the phone’s beauty with a variety of colors and options.

Thus, the platform creates a space in the marketplace, ensuring that the user never runs out of style and chic. 

SnapBack case  in hand
Image: SnapBack

It was interesting to learn the story of SnapBacks founder Logan Riley, which commenced with his hatred towards phone covers and the monotonous job of changing and cleaning them.

The entire process for him was daunting. Furthermore, he later realized those iPhone enthusiasts wished to keep their precious phones personalized and created just the product to meet the demands.

Using Apple’s in-built MagSafe technology, he created these magnetic backplates to dress the phones. Affordable, instantly replaceable, and trendy, SnapBacks are available in six different colors.

If bright colors are a repellent for a few, then real wood and genuine leather options are also available. So yes, the magnetic backplates are for all ages, personalities, and preferences. 

SnapBacks’s unique backplates lock on with just a single snap. Hence, rising above and beyond, they are flat and do not surround the phones’ edges for securing. Magnets do the same but smartly.

On bringing the backplate close to the phone, SnapBacks snaps in place and stay put until the user removes it on purpose.

Yes, no glue or additional attachment is required. If Then, the user wants to change it, a simple slide is all it needs.  

Lightweight and thin, the SnapBacks do not add bulk to the phone

SnapBack covers on iphones
Image: SnapBack

Also, SnapBacks works with any instruments instilled with magnets, such as wallets and phone holders, and supports Qi wireless and MagSafe charging

The first batch of magnetic backplates is out and available in the marketplace for a short period.

It is important to note that SnapBacks are only compatible with iPhones with MagSafe technology. The compatible iPhone models are:

  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

The future of SnapBacks beholds magnanimous plans to deliver the users with various backplate designs and materials. For example, the designs will be funky to unique; you read it right.

They are available at a variety of prices:

  • MagSafe Backplate = $5
  • SnapBack (Wood) Edition: $15
  • SnapBack (Leather) Edition – $15
  • Pack of 8 SnapBacks (1 of each color) = $29
  • All SnapBacks on the platform (total 10) = $59

SnapBacks waited for whole two years to be fully patented, so beware, don’t try to copy it

SnapBack case in pocket and hand
Image: SnapBack

SnapBacks was founded by Logan Riley, the founder of Pink Donut company. He was a former employee at Apple.

The company aims to create products that are exceptional and random. For example, look for (The World’s Dumbest App) and RokBlok (a portable and wireless record player also featured on ABC’s Shark Tank). 

Riley states, “SnapBacks are only $5, and they come in pink and sh*t.”

The Kickstarter campaign is attracting a large audience who support the unique idea unparalleled and desire to dress their phones regularly.

SnapBacks backplates have zero competitors. Therefore, MagSafe technology delivers a different paradigm to dress iPhones instantly as per mood, personality, and style.

Available in different options, SnapBacks is a brutally honest product that eradicates boredom from life with its innovative magnetic feature and aura. 

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