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Interesting ways to gamify your products and services

Gamifying your products and services is a simple thing. Remember to simplify things for your users so they can enjoy the experience.

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There is a good reason why online casinos such as Scr888 are a massive hit. People love the idea of winning or getting bonuses and freebies. When you apply the same principle to a marketing strategy, you increase the sales of your product or services at such a small price.

Are you wondering how online casinos such as scr888 are getting a lot of clients? Welcome to gamification. Gamification is a unique and effective way to drive traffic to your product or service. It works even in conservative industries such as banking or healthcare.

Understanding Gamification

Gamification is when you apply gaming principles or elements of game design away from a game setting. Gamification is a great way to help a business or an institution reach its goal by increasing productivity, creating product awareness, or eliminating workplace stress

  • Promote new products using gameplay

Do you have a new product coming to the market? The best way to let people know about it is through gameplay. Besides traditional adverts, gameplay drives a surprising amount of traffic to your new product. 

You can creatively use a character in gameplay to solve a problem they have using your product. Such a scene sticks in a person’s mind longer and resonates with people of all ages. It can also act as a tutorial on how to use your product.

2) Make it social

Social media has a special place in marketing. Adding social media sharing options in your gameplay makes it attractive to your clients. 

Gamification also acts as a passive advertisement to the client’s social circles. Allow your clients or users to showcase their achievements in contests or features they love about your product to their social media friends or followers. Their sharing will likely trigger a response from friends or followers.

3) Hold contests with rewards

We all love freebies. The possibility of winning something will almost always make your clients or customers buy more of your products or services. You can also choose to reward your most loyal customers by giving them something if they meet a specific requirement.

Referrals are an excellent example of giving rewards to faithful customers. Once a client refers another client that buys your product or service, they either get cash rewards or discount vouchers on their next purchase.

4) Redeemable points

Most games today allow you to gain some coins that you redeem later on for something else. The same principle is easy to apply in a banking or financial setup. You allow your clients to earn points as they shop using your credit card or whenever they buy your product. The customers can then redeem the points they accrue as a discount for their next purchase or get some cash equivalent for spending on your products.

5) Easy and simple

One guiding principle to gamification is the simplicity of the game. You want something that the average Joe can easily handle without frustrations. The goal of gamification is engaging your clients, not putting them off.


Gamifying your products and services is a simple thing. You can do so by promoting your latest products using gameplay, encouraging social sharing, organizing contests with rewards, and issuing redeemable points. Remember to simplify things for your users so they can enjoy the experience.

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