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Interview: W. Terry Tells about the recent gaming changes in the UK

He’s answered all our questions and told his opinion on the future steps of the Gambling Commission.

william terry interview

Dear readers! Today we’ve prepared for you quite an interesting interview with William Terry, a British lawyer and author at NonStopCasino. It’s related to the UK online gambling industry and the recent changes by the UKGC and Gamstop National Scheme. He’s answered all our questions and told his opinion on the future steps of the Gambling Commission.

What do You Think about the Gamstop Scheme in the UK?

William: Gamstop doesn’t solve the problem gambling in the UK because players continue to gamble after the self-exclusion period. These gamblers will be banned from the gambling platform after registering on Gamstop for a limited period but they will log-in again. Admittedly, these players who exclude themselves will be restricted to play at the gambling website for six months, one year, and even five years.

But what is going to happen next? They will probably continue playing popular online gambling games not linked to Gamstop or even with Bitcoin-powered websites. Gamstop scheme is just a short-term solution to limit the gambling activities of the players but not a sustainable program for stopping problem gambling.

How will the Ban of Credit Cards Influence the Industry?

William: The ban on using credit cards made a big disappointment for the gambling companies and even for the users. Since credit cards are the most common payment options, several players used to transfer funds with these methods. Besides, this prohibition will have a significant impact on the gambling firms. As the number of players who use these options will decrease, it can drop their businesses’ revenues.

However, it won’t only affect the credit card companies but also the iGaming industry. Brits should look for ways around the ban by finding payment options that can replace credit cards. Obviously, these methods won’t substitute the effectiveness of credit cards but they will enable the players to make smooth transactions.

What will be the Next Steps of the UKGC?

William: The UKGC will continue to promote responsible gambling by punishing the gambling operators who breach the Gambling Act 2005. Since the players’ safety is paramount, the commission published the business plan that defines the key projects. In this program, gambling-related harm must be extremely minimized and if the operators cannot protect their customers from issues, the commission is ready to use its power by suspending or revoking operating licenses.

This year, fair and open competition for the next National Lottery license will be running. Since the current license ending in 2023, the regulator is centered on looking for the right operator that will be devoted to protect the players and run the National Lottery with honesty.

How do You Evaluate the UKGC like a Gambling Regulator?

William: The UKGC is doing its job very well and is very tough when it comes to protecting the players from gambling-related harm and any online casino not on Gamstop scheme. This commission doesn’t hesitate to sanction the gambling operators who violate the gambling laws. We can see that this regulator has warned all operators and any gambling regulation’s breach result in various sanctions.

The common punishments include imposing additional conditions, financial penalties, and licence suspension or revocation. Its policy to provide the highest protection for customers and to ensure that they are treated fairly is a major priority. The strict laws and regulation imposed by the UKGC enhance its solid reputation.

What Advice Could you Give to the UK Gambling Commission?

William: The UK Gambling Commission should find a compromise because the way it restricts these activities will impact the gambling firms and the country. For example, instead of minimizing bets, they should find another agreement. They make the regulation unprofitable for new companies to be in business because this strict regulation won’t permit the new firms to progress.

How can these new companies develop if the most used payment methods and bonus offers are banned or if they have to pay very large fines? As a result, since these businesses are not encouraged to invest more, there will be fewer job opportunities and fewer tax revenues. Therefore, the UKGC should find a balance between safe gambling and business’s development.

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