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Is Outriders the next big thing after Valheim?

Outriders has already taken up a place high at the table for the all-time peak players just a week in after its release on Steam

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Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

It’s been over a week since Outriders was released on steam and over this weeks’ time, Outriders has already taken the whole world by storm. Drawing in over a staggering number of over 125,000 concurrent players in only the first week of the release surely reminds of us something similar that happened earlier this year when Valheim was released for early access on steam.

Outriders has already taken up a place high at the table for the all-time peak players just a week in after its release on Steam. Not long ago when Valheim was released on Steam, it became insanely popular and in no time Valheim became one of the top-seller with over a million copies sold shortly after its release. This sure sparks an argument, is Outriders becoming the next big thing after Valheim this year? Let’s find out:

Outriders Getting Huge Start

Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

Despite Square Enix’s aggressive approach for the price of $60 dollars for a game that is still young and in the early stages of development but nevertheless looks promising as the players are totally loving what the game has to offer.

With that said the game isn’t perfect as it should be considering it’s only been a week and the players are coming up with some problems but compared to what the game offers these are issues are nothing but minor problems that very well be taken care of in the next updates.

Compared to all the other titles, Outriders surely has brought some great new features and concepts to the table such as the way players can interact and customize the classes in the game, a whole new narrative and storyline, and a ton of side quests as well.

Outriders vs. Valheim

The number of gamers has skyrocketed since last year due the pandemic and we can still see and continue to the see this affect for years to come. It sure remains one of the reasons why new games getting so much surge in popularity in such as short time, something that has happened with Valheim earlier this year and the same is happening again with this new title.

Now don’t get me wrong both are certainly way different as to what they both offer to the players, the story-lines, the graphics, and most importantly the game-play but yet again both have successfully amassed tons of players in a very short time.

Outriders still remains to be in the early stages and yet the game has already been listed as one of the top-settling titles on Steam and with these numbers, Outriders is most probably going to overtake many of the games including Valheim and Rust especially due to its availability on different platforms which sure is one of major plus for outriders.

But first things both Valheim and Outriders still are in early stages and Outriders needs to fix a bunch of issues before it could make its mark but Rust has been through it all for years and while you are waiting, you can try out Rust and the best way to acquire the game is to find a cheap Rust cd key and find which retailer offers the best price.

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