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Is technology creating too much advertising?

In the end, you support the websites that you use through ads that you see.

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This is a valid question and we believe the answer is yes. Developments in technology have always created more room for advertisements. We will discuss this development and its effects.

Automation is leading the way

Automation has found its way into every facet of internet and advertising and is one of the primary reasons there are too many ads out there.

The net of data and information available regarding customers make it hard for advertisers to browse data and build profiles of ideal consumers. So the advertisers have created their ideal client and then turned to software that uses algorithms which analyze this information and put it to use.

Automated advertising platforms have saved time and money by freeing up the advertisement department to focus on good ads. It is needed to build and manage the countless ad campaigns that are needed to actually succeed in advertising.

Automation uses data to bid on ad space and evaluates which ads do better putting in more bids for those which result in more conversations.

It’s likely automated with algorithm-based platforms like Google AdSense. This fact is staggering; almost 20% percent of the digital advertising business is done by one machine interacting with another.

Social Media and Mobile

Almost 70% of all adults use one social media platform in the US alone. Social media is therefore simply crazy with ads. The industry leaders like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have introduced robust advertising. Surprisingly, 80% of users interact with social media using mobile. This requires a company to optimize their adds for the mobile medium.

High performing ads on social media have the benefit of geolocation technology on a mobile device. It frees space for hyperlocal ads to target an audience for a predetermined area. Video sites like Youtube are a growing medium if you want to grab attention with your advertisement. Video on social media achieves more engagement than non-video ads. YouTube is most famous for these ads, and users share it with others. Social media advertising is stronger than ever, and the creative agency is getting the benefit of it.

Technology and Advertisement

The question remains, is there too much technology involved in an advertisement today?

Before we judge, it’s important to understand technology is the enabler, not the message. Advertisers need to think about how to deliver value to the consumer. If you are not delivering value then they will not respond to your ads.

You also have to think about the message you are delivering and how you want people to feel, and what you want them to do with it. You need to consider the best medium to use, so there is a delicate balance that needs to be made.

Relevance vs Privacy

Modern advertisement consists of technology. Tech has made its way into every facet of our life and advertisements are among them. Companies are investing in digital infrastructure and require agility in terms of what is being sold, bought, and planned. The only issue mainstream consumers face apart from these ads becoming more relevant: they are sometimes invading their privacy.

With these current trends, we believe it will become much worse in the future as businesses compete for more profit. So what is the answer?

In the end, you support the websites that you use through ads that you see. They have no other choice but to do it to survive but if they begin to start showing you too many ads use an ad blocker or do the only thing you can do.

Stop using the site.

This is really the only way we can change anything… With our time and wallets.

Eventually, they will get the message if enough leave and tell them we left due to too many ads. Till then this tug of war will continue till something tips one way or other.

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