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Is there an app to track a phone without them knowing?

With the phone tracker apps discussed below, it’ll be impossible for the target of your surveillance to realize that they are being monitored.

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A phone tracker app helps you monitor the location and activities of your child, partner, or employee on their mobile phone. This will help you stay at peace knowing that they do not engage in any illicit activities. A phone tracker will enable you to step in quickly to correct any bad behavior.

A person’s behavior can however not be accurately observed if they know that they are being monitored. This is why you will need a stealthy phone tracker app to keep an eye on your children and your partner. The best phone tracker apps available are listed below. 

Top 5 Phone Tracker Apps


eyezy gps location

If you want to make sure they’re going about their day safely and visiting places you approve of, you need to invest in eyeZy. Included in the monitoring app is a feature called Pinpoint. In a nutshell, Pinpoint gives you the power to locate them, wherever they are in the world.

In just a tap or two, you can see their exact location on a map using GPS location technology. And whenever they connect to Wi-Fi networks, like at a coffee shop or at a friend’s house, eyeZy takes note, helping you paint a complete picture of the places they visit most often.

But it’s not just about popping in and finding out where they are. It’s about being alerted when they go somewhere they shouldn’t be going. And eyeZy does that, too, with Magic Alerts. Whenever they enter or leave a location of your choosing (you can set any location you want), eyeZy sends you a message.

And because eyeZy is all about monitoring without been seen or heard, the entire app works in hidden mode, so they won’t know you’re using it.


uMobix phone tracker is the best app that enables you to track a phone without the holder of the phone realizing it. The uMobix phone tracker app installs stealthily on the target device, avoiding the detection of the bearer of the device. This allows you to monitor their real behavior while they use their phones as they may pretend if they are aware of the fact that they are being tracked. Once you have the uMobix phone tracker installed on the target device, a process that takes only a few minutes, you can begin monitoring the activities of the phone. 

One of the activities uMobix phone tracker allows you to monitor is phone calls. The call tracking feature gives you access to the call history of the target device. The call history list can be sorted according to the frequency for you to know who your child or partner speaks to most frequently. You also have access to all of the contacts on the device and can even delete contacts of shady characters. The phone tracker app also lets you block calls from specific numbers and you can even choose to block all calls on the device. 

uMobix phone tracker also works as a social media tracker. With the ability to track more than 30 different social media and instant messaging apps, this phone tracker is one of the best apps to monitor social media activity. You are also able to check messages that are sent and received via SMS. Text messages to and from specific numbers can also be blocked. Another type of message you have access to is our emails. uMobix phone tracker is one of the few phone tracking apps that allows you to spy on emails. 

The uMobix phone tracker will not be top-tier without a location tracking feature; also called geolocation. This feature allows you to find out the whereabouts of your target at any point in time. The live location of the device can be displayed on a map to enable you to follow your target. You also get access to a list of all the locations that have been visited by your target. The subscription for the uMobix phone tracker app is available in three-time durations, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The yearly subscription, which offers the most value, costs $143.99. The quarterly one costs $83.99 while the monthly subscription costs $49.99. 

SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro lets you keep an eye on your partner or children without alerting them. Once this phone tracker app is installed on a device, it keeps itself hidden so that it will not be discovered. Using the SpyBubble Pro app, you can locate your target remotely through your dashboard. Like with the uMobix phone tracker, you also have access to a list of visited locations. 

SpyBubble Pro also has a keylogger. This records all text that is typed using the target device keyboard. This can help you to unearth information such as passwords from the target device. The records of this keylogger are grouped according to what app they were captured in, which eases the process of sorting through them. SpyBubble Pro also gives you control over the usage of the device. You can turn off the phone’s connection to the internet, prevent it from making or receiving calls, and can even lock the phone down so that it becomes unusable. The SpyBubble Pro monthly subscription costs $49.99. 


This is another app that lets you spy on your partner without getting caught. All you need is a few minutes with the target device to set it up and you can monitor almost all of the activities done on the phone. With Spyzzz, you have access to the pictures and videos stored on your mobile device and can even download them from your dashboard to your device for future reference. 

There is also an audio and video stream feature that allows you to look through the camera on the device or listen through the phone’s microphone to determine what is going on in the surroundings of your target. This feature can come in handy when you want to make sure your child or partner is in a place for the purpose that they tell you. The phone tracker also has a location tracking feature that can be used to get the accurate location of your target. 

Spyzzz phone tracker has several other features such as call monitoring, SMS tracking, phone control, browser history monitoring, and so on. It is priced at $49.99 for a monthly subscription. 


GeoFinder, unlike the other phone tracker apps on this list, has a single purpose which is to track the location of a cell phone. It is also the only app on this list that does not require access to the device you would like to track. Once you enter the number you would like to track and pay the $31.99 monthly fee, it sends a disguised message to the target device. This message contains a link that once clicked gives you access to the cellphone’s location. This message can be customized by the user to make the target more likely to click on the link. 


This is another great phone tracker app. This app is however, only capable of tracking Android devices. This phone tracker installs invisibly on the target device to avoid detection even if your target is a tech-savvy individual. You can keep track of phone calls and text messages using this phone tracker. You get a list of all the incoming and outgoing calls as well as all the text messages that are sent and received. This includes images included in MMS messages. 

This phone tracker app can be used to monitor social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber. You can read all the messages exchanged using Whatsapp while exchanges using Facebook Messenger are also made available to you. This includes images, videos, and audio. It also has a GPS feature that allows you to track the location of your target’s device. You also get access to the full phonebook of the target device. This will enable you to view information such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses. 

The Hoverwatch phone tracker allows you to take screenshots of the target device which allows you to know what the phone is being used for at each moment. You can set the phone tracker to take these screenshots periodically so that you always know what your target is up to. Hoverwatch phone tracker costs $24.95 per month. 


With the phone tracker apps discussed above, it’ll be impossible for the target of your surveillance to realize that they are being monitored. This would allow you to keep track of them accurately and while they are being their natural self. 

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