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Is your business automated? Know your enemy like you know yourself!

Read this blog and make sure you are ready for the endless fun and constant competition that you’ll face on Amazon

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Have you ever wanted to get the best out of both worlds without putting in much effort? Well, that’s possible if you want to be a business owner on Amazon!

Opening up a business, operating it, communicating with buyers, and earning money is one of the many things you can do on Amazon. For this very reason, people who are looking for additional sources of income or need to find a way to bring home the bacon, choose to become a seller on Amazon and showcase their products! 

But what if you don’t really have time for that?

What if you don’t know how to operate a business on an online marketplace?

In such cases, sellers choose to automate their business and earn money while they are taking out their dog, enjoying their dinner, or sleeping on the couch. Automation is going more and more viral: everyone chooses it over the traditional and old techniques! Don’t believe us yet? Read this article and see everything yourself! 

And again, that’s possible if you know how this industry works! To help you adapt and use automation to the fullest, read this blog and make sure you are ready for the endless fun and constant competition that you’ll face on Amazon! 

Cases Where Automation Is Your Best Friend 

If you want to be the seller who has an ace up their sleeve, you can certainly rely on automation! With its help, you will open  new doors to the following advantages:

  • Products will be automatically listed in your store: this way, you will save your time and will focus on things that are more important than the listing process itself. What’s more, your store will avoid manual errors that can easily happen when you are tired or have too many ASINs to list.
  • Products will be more visible: why? Because automation can do magic! If you operate your business using pricing automation software, you will always have competitive prices. This in turn means that you are one step closer to winning the buy box, and in fact, closer than you think! If you have competitive prices, your products are good and you act in accordance with Amazon policies, Amazon’s audience, money, and fame will be all yours!
  • You’ll be able to keep an eye on vital aspects of your business: more specifically, everything will be properly monitored, including the inventory-customer relationship and sales. Believe us, automation is all about monitoring and gathering data – and you should make the best out of it as soon as possible! It will find all the necessary data that will be used for various purposes, such as optimization of search campaigns, targeting customer segments, and so forth. 

Cases Where Automation Is Your Worst Enemy 

Yes, automation is one of the best ways to achieve all your goals and objectives, but even the best things can turn your life into a disaster if you neglect the risks and focus only on the good. To make sure you know in which direction you are moving and what you can expect from your selling career, pay attention to the risks that we mentioned below: very-very important! 

  • Glitches: automation, obviously, works automatically, based on various complicated calculations, numbers and codes.This means that you can avoid manual errors, but risk facing glitches and technical errors that can occur anytime you automate your business. In such cases, Amazon sellers usually find their Amazon account suspended and start looking for ways to reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions.

    If you see that Amazon suspended your account, just know that it’s time to appeal and bring back your account! However, most of the sellers work with Amazon reinstatement services, because reinstating Amazon accounts requires patience and experience. If you don’t really know what Amazon wants to see, you just can’t reinstate your account. Yes, this is the dark side of automating your business, be careful!
  • Another disadvantage is the cost of automation. Good automation services require high cost investments, and if you are not ready to spend a fortune on it, then automation at low prices shouldn’t be your next option! What’s more, not every automation company is legitimate. Prices of these companies are usually relatively low, which attracts Amazon sellers more and more. But let us tell you one thing: low-quality automation leads to problems, glitches and technical errors, and this, in turn, leads to said suspensions… 

If you want to forget about going back to the salt mines, and want to enjoy your life where you do nothing and somehow earn money, you should know how the system works. Want to automate your business?                      Do it only when you know what waits for you in the future! Unfortunately, the risks come with the territory, but there’s nothing to be afraid of – when you know how to solve something, you can solve it whenever you want!  

“If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.” – Sun Tzu

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