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Jargon rants about domain name services

The jargon being used in the domain name services industry should not bother you. If you are using a good company, you shouldn’t be confused by the jargon.

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If you are new to domain name services, there are some terms that you may not easily understand. These terms can only be understood by people who have been working in the domain name services industry for quite some time. Below, we have examples of some of these jargons.

Examples of Jargons Utilized in the Domain Name Services Industry:

  • Registrant – This is the individual with control over a domain name.
  • Registrar – This is an accredited business or organization that offers domain registration services.
  • Flipping – This refers to the act of registering a domain name and then selling it later at a higher price than you purchased it.
  • Grace Period – This is the period a domain registrant is given to renew his or her domain name after it has expired before it is made available for others to register.
  • Parking – This refers to the act of pointing a name to a certain page (usually a placeholder). The page may include advertising or an invitation for you to make an offer.
  • Cybersquatting – This involves a party registering a domain name with the aim of preventing another party from registering the domain name.

Should Companies Offering Domain Name Services Do Away with Jargons?

Let’s assume that you are new to domain name services. However, you need to register your domain name so that you can probably start your blog or online business. You are likely to find the jargons in the domain name services industry too complicated. You might think that the companies offering the services should do away with the jargons.

While this might be a good idea, it is not a valid idea. The jargons in the industry make the industry what it is. Doing away with them would probably lead to the rise of new jargons. As a domain name registrant, you are not supposed to deal with domain name jargons. A good domain name services company shouldn’t let you deal with the jargon terms at any point in the registration process without help. What you might need to familiarize yourself with are the qualities of a good domain name. Below, we have some of these qualities.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Domain Name

  1. Keep it short and memorable – You do not want people to misspell your domain name when typing it on their browser. You want them to remember the domain name easily so that they can access your website without any hassles.
  2. Choose a good domain extension – The .com extension is a good choice. However, you can use your domain extension to let people know your profession. For example, you can use .actor if you are an actor and .academy if your website has something to do with teaching/academics.
  3. If Possible, use only letters – Using unusual configurations on your domain name can confuse website visitors. The best thing to do is stick with letters and maybe a single hyphen.

Getting a Good Domain Name Matters More Than the Jargon

The jargon being used in the domain name services industry should not bother you. If you are using a good company, you shouldn’t be confused by the jargon. Whenever you get confused, you should be able to ask for help and get it as soon as possible. When purchasing your domain name, you need to make sure that you get a high-quality domain name. A good domain name will make your online business memorable and easy to access.

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