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Just Fix connects users with local tradespeople to deliver real-time home-based services 

Just Fix connects homeowners, tenants, and landlords to trusted, reliable, and self-employed tradespeople

JustFix app

Technology rules planet earth, where services reach the doorsteps with one single click.

This inflation in demand for instant services had affected each sector wherein repair services hadn’t been left untouched.

It’s important to note that revenue in the “other personal and household goods repair and maintenance” is projected to reach approximately 4.241,3 million U.S. dollars by 2024. 

Identifying and understanding the above figures, it shows that people desire to fix the house and household items instantly.

Our home is our sanctuary which instills the feeling of safety and security in people. In saying that, fixing the broken products, there’s an urgency to repair.

In this scenario, a trusted and reputable tradesperson is required to fix the broken and faulty products at hand. 

The handy solution

Just Fix benefits
Image: Just Fix

This is where Just Fix steps in with a solution to fix all the broken household problems.

It’s a real-time app and an online marketplace that instantly connects users with local and trusted tradespeople to repair household things urgently.

The platform connects homeowners, tenants, and landlords to trusted, reliable, and self-employed tradespeople available in the area during that time.

The app provides the quickest response time from local Fixers; the customer can track the exact location of the Fixer and learn the precise arrival time. 

The customer can initiate the relevant conversation with the hyper-local tradespeople, also known as Fixers, and order services via the app.

The professional, certified, and friendly Fixers arrive at the given location in short duration to repair the issue by utilizing high-end services.

No Fixer is within the app without rigorous background checks that match professional qualifications and certifications.

The Fixers are self-employed individuals from the local area and are highly recommended in their area of expertise.

The customers can benefit from their specializations and book a wide range of services ranging from fixing buildings, electrical, heating and gas, plumbing, gardening, windows, and various additional services.

Of course, the customers can learn about Fixers’ previous jobs and performance on the app by checking ‘ratings’ and making informed decisions. 

Uber for your home

Just Fix mobile
Image: JustFix

If you think it, Just Fix will Fix it! The founders of Just Fix state, “Just Fix is Uberising the home services market with cutting edge UX and behavioral science underpinning everything we do.”

Customers are benefited from a 12-month warranty on all the services provided. This aspect ensures zero disappointment to the customer with zero restraint on the finances.

While delivering innumerable services and benefits to the customers, Just Fix has perks for Fixers too.

The Fixers can register on the platform with zero payments and search for new jobs, without hassles, in their area. With zero hidden costs, Fixer must pay a commission to Just Fix when a job is completed.

If you like a Fixer, the customer can recommend the services through referral. Referrals play a major role for the customers in hiring the efficient Fixer in the area. 

Connecting the community, Just Fix also cares about the future employment of recent graduates. Providing apprenticeship opportunities and training schemes, Just Fix is building a better today for an excellent tomorrow. 

With technology at our fingertips, people instantly desire the convenience of fixing broken household products.

Just Fix is filling the gap in the market; the app delivers an accumulated solution to fulfill urgent home maintenance needs while delivering elite customer service.

The geo spacial technology connects customers to local fixers nearby and tracks their progress to the job.

Eradicating the old-school approach to solving house repair problems, Just Fix focuses predominantly on delivering a solution that reduces anxiety at that exact moment. 

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