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KandyPens Elite vaporizer is a portable powerhouse for concentrates

The Elite is Kandypens latest offering and we love every inch of it.

Kandypens Elite

Buddy…have we got a treat for you.

The KandyPens Elite concentrates vaporizer is one of the company’s most exciting models, and it packs a powerful — but wickedly efficient — punch.

The device comes with two atomizers — ceramic and dual quartz — and both provide a delightful session for extract lovers on the go.

A few highlights:

  • The Elite has a solid weight to it and draws effortlessly — even on its lowest setting. True to its “elite” branding, the pen comes in a variety of gold and ceramic designs that are as eye-catching as they are sleek.
  • Another cool feature: The pen offers four temperatures, not just the standard three  — the lower temperature (pink) offers a slower burn for your tastiest extracts.
  • Both atomizers offer interesting experiences — try to use a hotter temperature for the ceramic atomizer, and the low pink for the quartz. Both will pay off, so it may come down to a personal preference for you.
  • The model is easy to clean too, with the atomizers just requiring a quick 15-minute bath in some rubbing alcohol and some pressurized air.
  • Multiple airways make for an effortless draw.
  • You’ll also be impressed by the battery life, which nevertheless includes a lifetime warranty.

The pen’s instructions advise vapers not to put more than .1 grams of extract in the atomizer at any one time, but don’t worry: even that amount lasts a fair while, in both the ceramic and quartz atomizers.

The piece also comes with a stylish hard cover that should coolly slide into any back pocket, but does lack a compartment for your extract, which is a slight bummer.

Overall though, the Elite is one of the strongest pens on the market and is straightforward to use and maintain.

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