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Key developments within the gaming industry in the last three decades

If you’re into gaming, here’s how it developed within the last three decades.

Mobile Gaming

Recently, gaming has become a highly popular pastime for many people no matter their age or gender. Many of these developments have occurred at a fast pace over the past three decades.

During this time, these have been some of the most pivotal developments in the gaming industry.

Early Stages of Gaming

Initially, gaming mainly occurred in video arcades which featured coin operated machines for play. On e of the popular games that began here was Pong, a simplistic but highly addictive table tennis game. Essentially, a ball floats back and forth across a net where players move paddles to launch the ball.  After being introduced to arcades in 1972, the game took off and led to a demand for the ability to play video games at home. Subsequently, the idea of home video game consoles began and Pong was available for the Atari console.  

Console Gaming

Once it began possible to have your own gaming console at home, the industry then widened with numerous companies developing their own console. This led to many competitive battles between specific consoles over the decades. For instance, the battle between the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation was hands down an overwhelming victory for PlayStation outselling Nintendo three to one.

Rise of Mobile Gaming

Once the internet was developed, gaming changed and expanded with the ability to play games online. Following this development was the integration of the internet with mobile devices – both on handheld consoles and mobile phones. Naturally, this development allowed more people to get into gaming as HD games or a simpler casino games are now easily available on a smartphones which meant it was convenient to game literally anywhere.

Currently, the gaming industry is seeing developments in the area of virtual reality gaming. Given the evolution of gaming, it is a sure bet that the industry will continue to see advancements in the upcoming years.

Update: This post was updated due to an error in which the writer originally stated Nintendo outsold PlayStation three to one. PlayStation outsold Nintendo three to one.

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