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Key points to consider when choosing an IT company


You are probably sure that you need to find a proper company to cooperate within the field of software development. However, there are plenty of offers on the market. How to choose a reliable company?

When it comes to software development, several key points need to be discussed and approved by the selected service provider. If you make sure that the software development company imagines the project the same way you do, this will lay the foundation for productive cooperation.

Verify That the Provider Documents the Code

Without a clear understanding of what exactly and how the developer has coded, you can get confused and lose time, trying to identify bugs and understand what has already been done on the project.

Make sure that the service provider will create comprehensive and understandable documentation that gives other people who need to work with the code later, a clear understanding of the development process. A few notes are not enough. The documentation should contain a full and detailed explanation of the process of code writing.

Make sure that the assets used by the service provider do not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights. Abuse of such rights can potentially become a very serious and costly problem. Such situations can lead to the initiation of administrative or even criminal cases with serious fines.

How to Prevent Problems

It is important to learn how to avoid possible legal problems if instead of developing a project from scratch your service provider recommends you to purchase the source code of an existing application and convert it to a new unique project.

  • Firstly, the code must be acquired legally from a reliable supplier.
  • Secondly, you need to verify that the purchase agreement allows you to modify and use the code for your own needs, or simply distribute the modified version.
  • Thirdly, you should make sure that the purchased material will be changed enough to be considered a new product.

Most software projects involve not only the creation of clean program code, but also the development of a beautiful design. Therefore, it is important to immediately be convinced that the service provider is not going to use the work of other designers.

Check If the Service Provider Is Ready to Let You Test the Product

Have you ever heard the phrase “verification before ratification”? Over time, you can begin to trust the supplier, but it is important to check the results yourself at the early stages of collaboration. Therefore, you can not only calm down and make sure that the service provider completed the project properly, but also check the software from the user’s point of view. You can find something that the developer has missed.

If you go through the whole process correctly, software development outsourcing can become a dynamic tool that allows you to cut costs, save time and gain additional experience. If you manage the process correctly and eventually find several outsourced service providers that you can trust, you can take full advantage of all the outsourcing opportunities.

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