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Konami to open esports school in Tokyo next April

Having a company such as Konami involved in the future of esports is amazing. Slowly but steadily, the world is realizing that this is a huge market to grow.

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Konami is one of the biggest Japanese entertainment and gaming company which is behind some of the biggest gaming titles in the world. Games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Metal Gear and many others all came out of them.

Having an amazing history in gaming behind their back, Konami decided that they are planning to open an esports school in Tokyo’s posh Ginza shopping district. According to them, the new facility is due to open on April 2020.

Konami said that this school’s purpose is to “foster a diverse array of human resources that are necessary for the further development of esports, including players, live commentators, management, and operating staff for competitions.”

What will it be like?

Konami’s Esports school will basically be a one-year full-time course. Around 80 people in total will have the chance to advance their knowledge in esports.

In addition, there will be another short-term course which will have night and weekend classes, allowing people who have regular 9/5 jobs to also have the chance of learning something about esports.

Many people might think that there is no need for such a thing but they will be wrong. The world of esports is getting bigger and bigger every single day. Apart from the traditional games that tend to gather millions of dollars in prize pools, the mobile gaming scene is also rapidly increasing. It might be pretty hard to explain to an old person that you can make thousands of dollars sitting playing games on your phone but this is the world that we live in.

Even though we have no official information yet, there will definitely different courses for every single top sesport right now. It is important to know the ins and outs of the game if you are going to make your living out of it.

If you are planning on going to this esports school, just remember you will not really get better at the game itself. The aim here is not for the teachers to teach you how to become a pro but to understand the “logistics” behind modern esports. So, if you are looking for a “bootcamp-type-of-a-deal”, this is not going to work out.

However, what can work out are different Dota 2 tournaments. If you think that you have what it takes to become pro, feel free to join and test your skills. Apart from Dota 2, WePlay! hosts different tournaments in other games such as CS: GO and League of Legends.


Having a company such as Konami involved in the future of esports is amazing. Slowly but steadily, the world is realizing that this is a huge market to grow. Who knows, we might end up having esports in the Olympic games someday.

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