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Learning artificial intelligence in 2018

There are countless online resources available to you to aid you in learning artificial intelligence in 2018. Here’s some of the best.

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It doesn’t matter who you are in 2018; you have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology grounded in AI is becoming the expectation of improved user experience everywhere. Experience working with artificial intelligence is now, more than ever before, in high demand. Check out some predictions for AI in 2018 here.

There is absolutely no need to cower at the thought of learning how to work with artificial intelligence. Online courses are gaining greater popularity as more people recognize them as a viable and convenient way to delve into Artificial Intelligence.

It does not matter if you want to learn how to work on self-driving cars, or to obtain the necessary education to understand how to make a computer “see”. No matter your motivation or direction, there is an online course perfect for you. This article will provide you with a brief overview of several of the best online courses of 2018.

Learn with Google AI

Learn with Google AI is an excellent web resource for people at all levels of experience. Google is at the forefront of accessible AI education and provides free online lessons, tutorials, and hands-on exercises for every skill set.

Among the most valuable lessons Learn with Google AI can provide are training in machine learning concepts and TensorFlow skills.

Google – Machine Learning

Suppose you desire a more in-depth walk-through than is available from Learn with Google AI. If that’s the case, then this course might be what you are looking for.

This Google course focuses on deep learning concepts. You will learn the design of self-teaching systems that use complex algorithms to continually improve themselves. These systems can be used to solve real-world problems – such as the need for more personalized user experiences – efficiently.

Stanford University – Machine Learning

This prestigious machine learning course was created by Stanford University.

There is no doubt that Silicon Valley attracts a plethora of the best AI developers. This machine learning course intends to leave you with one of the secrets to Silicon Valley’s success. They do this by educating you in the way they look to use innovation in machine learning and AI concepts in their attempts to solve real-world problems.

At the conclusion of the course, there is an option to pay for valuable certification.

Columbia University – Machine Learning

Here is another prestigious course, this time created by Columbia University.

This course teaches you how you can use AI and machine learning concepts to accomplish cool feats like plotting the path of movie zombies. The course approach allows you to develop machine learning skills using probabilistic methods, non-probabilistic methods, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning.

As with Stanford’s course, this course offers you the option of paying for certification upon course completion.

Nvidia – Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

What if you are someone who wants to learn how to make a computer “see”? If you are, you need to learn the fundamentals of deep learning for computer vision. This would be the course for you.

Here you will be taught how to train and deploy neural networks. The course will teach you how to implement computer vision techniques such as image classification and object detection, experiment with strategies aimed at increasing performance and capability, and even how to deploy neural networks of your own to start solving real-world problems.

MIT – Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

Mainstream self-driving cars are in the near future. Developers with experience in AI who can correct and improve the problems of the self-driving past are needed. You have likely read Uber headlines about a self-driving crash in Arizona. This course ensures that you learn how to teach a simulated self-driving car to drive down a busy road without having any collisions.

You can also order a class shirt to show off your genius to all your friends.

In the end, you have countless online resources available to you to aid you in learning artificial intelligence in 2018. If you find yourself fully engaged with the wealth of online options available to you. There are many ways to delve into AI, and this article has covered some of the best of them.

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