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Leasing vs. buying IP addresses

While buying is a costly choice, you may have the option of leasing an IP getting rid of it.

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If you are a professional leading a company, it is an obvious case to keep your company’s own IP resource or address. So many reasons to patronize it, while keeping your confidentiality in the traffic is the most vital case. Having a private or customized IP address can let you conceal your location or spot. As a result, your location can not be monitored through other devices or websites while having this option in your hand.

As you need it for your further professional development, you need to lease or buy this digital identity. Eventually, you cannot maintain both of these services, so choosing the better side will act nicely in favor of yours. So, let’s dig deeper to know the best insights on which one can make your deal perfect and secured.

Debate on leasing vs. buying

IP resources at the very beginning were the easy achieving values or properties for a company. By the time it flew, the cost of an IP address had gone up like a skyrocket. It has taken place for having a severe shortage of IPv4. As a result, things have become transformed into a bad shape; business still requires these spaces and resources of the internet protocol.

In most cases, they have been demanding these requirements for smooth business growth. It is a matter of anguish that less than 4% of total IPv4 is available for being allocated. Meanwhile, several IP marketplaces are demanding more worth in exchanging an IP. Many experts have claimed that IPv6 can become a vital resource management platform for your business. However, in reality, this run is too far to catch, as IPv6 has not been prepared to replace it yet.

If you go back even five years, almost 0.35 billion IPv4 resources have been transferred. Meanwhile, the price was mentioned around 18 to 25 dollars for each IP. Nevertheless, we have witnessed the charge of more than 35 dollars per IP in 2019. Therefore, it is easily visible how this upper graph of IPv4 cost is continuing due to its shortage problem.

In the recent past, the top buyers were the Internet Service Providers (ISP), hyperactive scalers, IP transition providers, etc. So, it is distinctly recognizable why we are not getting enough IPv4 resources. Professionals from large corporations have already captured most of the resources. As a result, several small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises are having the most challenging time getting IPv4 resource allocation.

If you look at the leasing aspect, it has captured an exceptional field too. As buying IPv4 resources is such a precious thing, leasing these IPs may get you relieved from this trouble. Brands such as IPXO offer a user-friendly demographic, which serves many cost-efficient solutions for your business. Meanwhile, getting leased for 12 months or even half-yearly contracts has become more famous across the globe.

Due to the shortage dilemmas of IPv4 resources, you will be stuck at RIR approval that is much troublesome instead of a smoother execution. Meanwhile, there will be no such trouble of having the process an IP lease.

Benefits of Buying IPs

While you have decided to buy an IPv4 address, it is comparatively a better deal in price range than leasing an IPv4 resource. Buying an IP will give you the freedom of having enormous and limitless customizable acts upon your tasks. You will no longer need to get approval to act on it. Whereas you have to rely on the third party or the author of your leasing IP to get approval from them which is a massive dependency. Besides, it is suitable enough to bring much security to your property and resources while buying the IPv4.

Benefits of Leasing IPs

As you have witnessed all of the benefits of buying an IP, do you think leasing IPV4 has no advantage? Well, it has got too such as you require no extra commitments or giving any party a hefty amount of money to enter into this field. As a result, leasing is more flexible so that anyone can try it and get leased for their companies. Suppose you want to quit leasing immediately. It will not take any high loss for your company. As a result, ending this process is much flexible for any lease-taker. Even if you are canceling, the process or penalty will be much smaller in comparison.


As both of these have advantages and disadvantages, it is such a troublesome situation for any professional. While buying is a costly choice, you may have the option of leasing an IP getting rid of it. However, it may also limit your company from having limitless access and countless customizations.

Meanwhile, marketplaces such as IPXO have come to this scenario to provide cost-efficient IPs for your company. Therefore, rechecking your business stability, IP availability, and user-friendly features will bring you the best possible IP solutions in the era of deficiency of IPv4.

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