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How to use LEGO lights to improve the looks of your sets

Take your sets to the next level.

lego lights on star wars set
Image: Light my Bricks

LEGO Lights help illuminate individual pieces or entire sets. Enthusiasts of the famous toy line use distinct lighting units to brighten dioramas or particular pieces. In doing so, it helps create an immersive feeling as if you are living the LEGO dream, and these compact lighting fixtures have numerous benefits in store for the avid LEGO fan.

Bring “life” to LEGO sets

Certain LEGO sets may look dull without proper lighting equipment. For example, LEGO Star Wars scenarios may not look as cool without lights. The miniature lightsabers, plasma beams coming from X-Wing Fighters, and the iconic Death Star may look better if you install compact lighting fixtures to these strategically placed pieces.

The lights help bring pieces to life. Small illuminated LEGO lanterns help create amazing Asian-inspired blocky sceneries. Create depth in specific scenarios to increase the appeal of your sets with the help of the right lighting equipment.

You can get LEGO lights from providers like Aside from providing fans with lighting units for LEGO Star Wars pieces, there are also lighting fixtures for different series like:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Technic
  • Ninjago
  • Winter scenarios
  • Modular buildings
  • Several fragments of LEGO architecture

Enhance existing characteristics

The use of lighting on your LEGO sets can enhance the look of the pieces. Use dark-colored lights to create the feeling of claustrophobia in specific dioramas like the rooms inside Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. On the other end of the spectrum, bright-colored lights enhance the feeling of spaciousness for specific LEGO kits.

Lighting can also help illuminate LEGO walls, ceilings, and floors. Use directional lighting for a minimalist effect to help diffuse the brightness to cover a wide area. Put lights on top of units to help provide ambient illumination. You may opt to use LEGO lights by Light My Bricks to start illuminating your LEGO sets.

Improve the ambiance of the LEGO Creator series

You can see the power of lighting through the LEGO AR smartphone game. LEGO playsets can come to life with the help of this app, but you will also see how lights can become a great accessory to boost the appearance of the kits. An excellent example of how great lighting can affect kits is through the brand’s Creator series.

The LEGO Creator series has a range of architectural and building designs made for fans of landscape designs made by individual bricks. Enhance the ambiance of the LEGO Taj Mahal, the LEGO Disney Castle, or the LEGO version of Santa’s Workshop.

These lights are easy to install so beginners and veteran LEGO enthusiasts will not find it too much of a challenge to place appropriate lighting fixtures in the right places. You may even want to connect multiple lights while using a single power source to conserve energy.

Add to the overall ambiance of your kits by installing lights with sounds. For example, strategically place lights around the LEGO Millennium Falcon to imagine the iconic craft flying across the vastness of space. Individual lighting units help complement the scenery with the addition of sounds. Upload your preferred MP3 files to the tiny integrated speaker system so viewers of your kits can immerse in the small brick world.

Lighting for physical LEGO blocks plays an essential role in enhancing the features of the kit, like the model in the video above.

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