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Let’s talk about how to create watercraft 3D models

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Water transport for a long time attracts a man. Interest in ships appears in childhood when reading books and watching movies. With age, interest in long-distance voyages often turns into either a profession or a hobby for collecting watercraft models, interest in ships, their types, technical characteristics. If you refer yourself to one of these categories, then you will be interested in learning more about 3d modeling of modern ships and historical ones. You can even find a model of the legendary Titanic.

But let’s talk about how to create watercraft 3D models.

Personally, I create such complex models by polygonal modeling, at least, splines. However, the method described in this lesson has its advantages for creating a certain type of model. The main advantage is relatively simple and fast. The main disadvantage of this method is that in this way it is not possible to model any object. For example, a person cannot be modeled that way.

If the object is so simple that its shape can be determined only by the outer contours of the three projections – the method is fully applicable. In any case, the method exists and has the right to exist.

For some time we will have to work in the Top projection window. In order to be more convenient, we will expand this window to the full screen, and temporarily hide the other projection windows. To do this, click the “Maximize Viewport Toggle” button. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen. When you need to return all the projection windows, you will need to click this button again.

Now you need to draw some simple spline forms. To start drawing a spline shape, follow these steps.

Click the Create tab. To do this, click the Create button on the right side of the screen. Most likely, it is pressed by default, but to know where it is necessary.

There are a number of buttons below this button. The second on the left in this row is the Shapes button. Click it. Below there are buttons, among which there is a button Line. Click it. It will turn dark. So you can start drawing shapes.

Drawing forms are as follows. Behind the cursor, line stretches. When you repeatedly click on the first created vertex, a dialog box appears in which you want to confirm your desire to close the line. If the line should not be closed, after creating the last vertex, right-click.

Draw four shapes, similar to those in Figure 1. Although it is not necessary, you can improvise, create the shapes you think fit. But don’t forget that it should have the necessary form for the watercraft 3D model.

watercraft 3d model

Second from the right, – just a straight line with two vertices at the ends. Why it is needed, it will become clear later. The other three forms are projections of the future 3D ship.

But these projections are angular and ugly. We need to fix this because we want a clean watercraft 3D model.

Select one of the forms. Click the Modify tab. To do this, click the button that is located to the right of the Create button. The settings for the edited line appear in the lower left part of the screen. In the Select section, there are three buttons in the first place. The first one is Vertex, it has three red dots on it. Click this button to highlight it in yellow. Now you can select the vertices. To move them, select the Select and Move tool. It is in the horizontal row of buttons at the top of the screen, on the toolbar, and looks like a cross from the arrows.

Select the vertex that creates a too coarse angle, and right-click on it. The menu in which you want to select the Bezier or Bezier Corner line will drop out. In both cases two yellow auxiliary markers will appear near the top, moving which you can set the desired degree of curvature adjacent to the vertex of the curve. The difference is that by moving the Bezier type marker, you change the curvature of the line on both sides of the vertex, and not just with one, as in the case of Bezier Corner.

Adjust the curvature of the lines to make everything smooth and beautiful.

watercraft 3d model

Select the first form on the left, go to the Create tab, and right under the Create button, click the Geometry button.

Just below there is a drop-down list. By default, it contains the Standard Primitives string. You must select the Compound objects line.

After this action, several buttons will appear below. Among them, you need to select the Loft button. A little further down is easy to find the button Get Shape. Click it and move the cursor to the second form, that is, to a simple line. The cursor changes the appearance. Click on the line with the left mouse button.

After that, you can see the new object created on the basis of the path (straight line) and the section (the first form). This object can be viewed in the perspective view window. Therefore, click the Maximize Viewport Toggle button again, select the perspective window, and expand it.

watercraft 3d model

This feature of a compound Loft object is often used to create objects from a section and path, such as skirting, portrait frame, figured macaroni, and the like.

The next step is to give the disc the desired shapes in two other planes.

On the right side of the screen, there are sections of the settings of the compound Loft object. You need to expand the Deformations section and click the Fit button in it.

The Fit Deformation window opens. In the upper left corner of the window, there is a bright yellow Make Symmetrical button. It is yellow because it is pressed by default. Press it out.

In the same row, find the Get Shape button and click on the following form, representing our watercraft 3D model’s view from above. At me, it turned out not how it is necessary. You need to use the buttons Mirror Horizontal, Mirror Vertical, Rotate 90 CCW and Rotate 90 CW. With their help, you can deploy the projected plane so that the model takes the desired shape.

It remains to specify the profile of the 3D ship. In the same window, in the same row, click the Display Y Axis button.

Click the Get Shape button again, and specify the last form. I got something awkward, like a defective toilet.

Although it is possible that these are subjective problems of my imagination, and you have nothing to do with the toilet. But this is not important, because I easily gave the ship the look of the ship with the same buttons (Mirror Horizontal, Mirror Vertical, Rotate 90 CCW and Rotate 90 CW).

This thing can be converted into a grid and edited. Of course, the object does not pretend to be a full-fledged high-quality model, but it can serve as a blank for a detailed study. In other words, it can be turned into a good 3D boat.

By the way, you can just buy already created 3D models on, there is plenty of watercraft 3D models there.

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