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Level up your vlogging game with Movo’s iVlog EDGE Wireless Series

Movo’s iVlog Series has everything you need to level up your videos using just your smartphone.

Movo’s iVlog EDGE Wireless Series
Image: Movo

Smartphones are getting bigger, better, and more advanced, particularly where cameras are concerned. It’s not uncommon for many influencers, YouTubers, and even filmmakers to use phones to craft their content these days.

How does one stand out in a creative landscape where anyone can have their voice heard? Creativity and research will take you far, but having the right tools for the job is as important here as it is anywhere else. For shooting smartphone videos, those tools are superior to picture and sound.

Enter the iVlog EDGE Series Smartphone Video Kit from Movo. With a wireless microphone system, rotating phone grip, adjustable LED light and miniature tripod, Movo’s iVlog Series has everything you need to level up your videos using just your smartphone. The iVlog works with your smartphone straight out of the box, assembles in seconds, and is guaranteed to make your footage look better than ever.

The Cutting EDGE in Smartphone Audio

While smartphone cameras are getting better and better, their audio capture quality has stayed practically the same for the past ten years. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to shoot outside, in public, or pretty much anywhere that isn’t your home. 

Based on years of industry experience, Movo has developed a solution: The EDGE wireless lavalier microphone system brings your smartphone videos high-quality, zero interference sound with no strings attached. With a compact design, crystal clear pickup, and powerful transmission range, the EDGE is a must-have for any content creator on the go.

No matter which phone you use, the iVlog has an EDGE for you. The iVlog-UC’s lav receiver is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, while the receiver in the iVlog-DI is designed specifically for Apple iPhones and iPads. Both provide professional-grade audio in a pocket-sized package.

Built for You

Regardless of what you’re shooting on or which EDGE version you’re using, the receiver works the same way. The EDGE-DI receiver inserts into your iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port, while the EDGE-UC’s goes into your device’s USB-C input.

From there, headphones can be inserted for real-time audio monitoring, and there are also onboard controls for volume adjustment and channel select. One receiver can pair with multiple transmitters, and its centralized design affords you plenty of flexibility when building your rig.

Loud and Clear

Not only does the EDGE give you the freedom of wireless setup, but it remains effective up to 200 feet away. The powerful 2.4GHz transmission passes through obstructions with ease – helpful for recording on the street, cluttered sets, or in wooded areas. The transmitter itself is compact and can be easily concealed thanks to its sturdy, built-in belt clip. With a two AA battery power supply, keeping the transmitter juiced up is simple as well. 

In addition, the iVlog-DI-DUO and the iVlog-UC-DUO introduce a second EDGE transmitter and microphone into the mix. Perfect for interviews and dialogue scenes, the DUO allows you to capture crystal clear sound from two different sources, and thanks to the receiver’s onboard controls, you can even isolate each signal to its own channel. 

Get a Grip

The iVlog comes with multiple options for improving your video’s stability. The PR-3 smartphone holder features an adjustable clamp that will firmly grip any phone up to 3.9” wide. Shoot while running, at extreme angles, even upside down; your phone will stay safe and secure. 

Better yet, the PR-3 holder rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to easily change between wide and vertical shots on the go. Two onboard bubble levels let you keep an eye on your framing, and two built-in cold shoe mounts allow for a variety of accessories to be mounted – as well as the other gear that comes with the iVlog. 

The PR-3 sports three ¼” threaded sockets for mounting purposes, including the removable handle. Hand grips are ideal for shooting freehand, but if it’s stationary shots you’re looking for, you can attach the PR-3 to the MV-T1 miniature tripod that also comes with the iVlog. With it’s rotating ball head, The MV-T1 combines rock-solid stability with fluid versatility.

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The MV-T1’s three legs can be configured to various angles for different heights, and an optional telescopic extension pole grants an additional 16” of elevation if need be. Alternatively, you can collapse the MV-T1 completely and use it as a hand grip.

Light It Up

Rounding out the iVlog package is the LED-30 video light. Sporting a whopping 30 LED bulbs, the light puts out serious illumination for any situation. With three adjustable brightness levels, the LED-30 can be used for nighttime shoots, dark interiors, and anything in between. 

The LED-30’s internal lithium battery lasts up to five hours, depending on the brightness, and can be easily recharged anywhere your phone can thanks to the bundled micro USB charging cable. The light also comes with a cold shoe mount for easy rig placement next to your camera. 

The Final Word in Smartphone Photography

With the iVlog, you can have professional quality sound, stability, and lighting in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re shooting Android videos with the iVlog UC, taking iPhone selfies with the iVlog DI, or recording interviews with one of the DUO variants, your content will never be the same again.

No matter what you’re shooting, there’s a Movo iVlog EDGE system for you. For the 2020 Holiday Season, Movo has a special 20% off all products on using promo code MOVOGIFT20 at checkout, good until December 31, 2020. Movo can also be found on Amazon and YouTube, or follow them on social @movophoto.

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