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Levia is a wild new lamp that levitates upside down

Ok, this is pretty cool.

Levia hanging lights
Image: Levia

Do you believe in levitation? Do you think that altered states of consciousness could lift a human being off the ground? Although some magicians do tricks featuring levitation, even today it is discussed in the confines of the parapsychology and if spontaneous levitation is a real phenomenon or not.

But none of that matters because this lamp actually levitates. Not only that, it levitates “upside down.”Created by the Italian design studio Idea3Di, Levia is a levitating lamp that seems to defy all known logics of Physics but, in reality, is just a combination of a really great design with a really smart application of scientific principles.

The lamp that uses a magnetic levitation system, where a magnetic field is created and can combat the gravitational pull effect. This makes the lamp stay separated from its “base”, when all our senses tell our brain that the lamp should fall towards the ground and crash in an inevitable doom.

Check it out:

Fernando Petrella, co-founder of Idea3Di, briefly mentioned how the lamp came to be:

Levia is a very cool desk lamp that works via electromagnetic induction with a magnetic levitation system. It was born from the combination of advanced technology, energy efficiency, and innovative design.

He also gives a short explanation of how Levia works:

You can use the touch-sensitive button on the base to switch off the LED filaments, and the light bulb will stay in levitation even if the light is out. To turn it on, you just bring the bulb closer to the upper part of the lamp. The LED filaments will then switch on and the bulb will float.”

Idea3Di launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Levia, which has been successful with a few days still to go. Anyone interested can still be a part of the campaign and grab Levia for a discounted price, and Idea3Di say that shipping should happen later in July.

If you are interested in having a piece of furniture that not only features a very good design, with its Carrara or Black Marquina marble base, but can also wow any guest that goes to your home, Levia is definitely the way to go.

What do you think? Need this lamp in your life? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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