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Lexi Introduces the first interoperable smart lighting platform

Lexi has made huge steps forward in smart lighting with interoperability and their portable products, but they haven’t stopped there.

lexi candle lights
Image: Lexi

The smart lighting revolution is on its way and one of the companies leading the path is Lexi. Their first move: introducing an interoperable smart lighting platform to the world.  

In the past, deciding on a smart lighting vendor was a permanent choice. Of course, you could use certain workarounds such as using other devices like smart speakers to control your lighting, but then you’re cutting yourself off from many of the features that smart lighting gives you in the first place. Thanks to Lexi, this is no longer an issue.

Lexi’s first range of revolutionary products is currently available for pre-sale via a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, you can start yourself off with Lexi’s standard bulbs like the Edison, Indoor Flood and Track Light or, you can pre-order another world’s first: smart, rechargeable tea lights and LED candles.

Lexi’s smart lights are all integrated with some of the big names – Philips Hue, LIFX and Sylvania, and according to the company, they’re also adding Lutron Caseta smart switches, TP-Link and Sengled. They are also hub-integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa and with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and Wink coming soon.

If you already own the big name brands mentioned above in smart lighting, you’ll want to pre-order Lexi’s novel USB stick hub. This is where interoperability comes in. This hub gets you support with 5 wireless protocols and you also get everything Lexi is offering in their app for their own lights: light configuration-scenes, patterns, compositions & light shows, remote control of your lights over the web, circadian rhythm light programming, cloud reporting functionality, music synchronization and more. You can also pair the hub with the portable tea lights and LED candles, which grants you the ability for light shows and more at events like parties and weddings.

So far, Lexi has made huge steps forward in smart lighting with interoperability and their portable products, but they haven’t stopped there. The Lexi cloud is another first. It provides customers a near real-time reporting and analytics platform with home configuration options, social sharing management and more. For social sharing, customers can share their light configurations like scenes, compositions, and light shows with anyone who has the app.

If you’re hesitant to back a crowdfunding campaign, Lexi’s informed us that their products are already in pre-production and will be ready to ship within 90 days. Pledges start at $40 and ship anywhere in the world.

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