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Linx Eden Switch – everything you need to know

The Eden Switch is quickly becoming known as the best portable vaporizer in 2022. 

Eden onyx switch vaporizer
Image: KnowTechie

Linx Vapor has made waves in the vaporizer industry with a line of award-winning health-conscious, technology-driven portable vaporizers in recent years.

Their vaporizers are crafted with not only quality and performance but health and safety in mind. And with the release of their newest portable vaporizer, the Linx Eden Switch, convenient, effortless, and efficient vaping has never been easier. 

The Linx Eden Switch was designed to use 100% convection heating. Convection heating eliminates direct contact between your dry herb and a heat source.

Instead, when drawing from the Eden Switch, you will create a vortex of hot air circulating through the chamber. Therefore, the hot air will pass through your cannabis and melt off the terpenes and cannabinoids into a vapor. 

Linx vapor Eden Switch vaporizer
Image: KnowTechie

Convection heating eliminates any chance that your cannabis will combust and become ash. Each hit is full of quality vapor and free of harsh smoke, butane, and toxins.

The dry herb is heated just below the combustion point, and your flower will stay intact after being vaporized- this means you can reuse the flower in the chamber. 

The Eden Switch has four preset temperature settings. Those who want to taste the terpenes will love the cool green setting, and if you want each hit to pack a punch, you can crank it up to 428F at the red setting.

Moreover, you can use the Power Boost to add 20F if you need more heat. With the Linx Eden Switch, vaping is not only safer for you but easier than ever before.

The Eden Switch was designed with a small removable quartz cup that will act as your chamber. This is called the Linx Dosing Capsule.

Designed to be simple and efficient, each dosing cup can be prefilled for when you’re on the go. You can get some spare capsules and switch them when you are done with one session.

For example, you can use your device all day without worrying about resin and small particles building up inside the chamber or running out of your favorite herbs. 

eden onyx switch vaporizer apart
Image: Linx Vapor

The Eden Switch also features a unique mouthpiece, designed with a spring on the bottom.

Like a joint filter, 2 filters on each side of the spring will keep all those pesky pieces of the flower out of the mouthpiece and, most importantly, your mouth and lungs.

The spring will also push down the flower just enough for the perfect airflow. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about pushing the flower down, the spring does this for you!

bottom of the linx eden vaporizer
Image: Linx Vapor

The Eden Switch also comes with stealth mode, a medical grade stainless steel shell, a 2500mAH battery(comparable to some large box mod style vaporizers), glass mouthpieces, and a kit full of accessories.  

Staying true to Linx Vapors’ mission of creating health-conscious vaporizers, the Linx Eden Switch has been tested for heavy metals and is free of toxins.

With true convection heating, a sleek and portable look, a removable dosing capsule, and premium materials, it’s no surprise that the Eden Switch is quickly becoming known as the best portable vaporizer in 2022. 

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