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Logistics of the near future: Technological trends of the industry in 2019

Below, we list the common issues logistics software development companies can expect to struggle within 2019.

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The professional field of logistics has been going through quite some changes over the recent years: The industry sees a rapid and fruitful implementation of such technological concepts as the IoT, blockchain, geolocation capabilities, and others. Route planning becomes more accessible and manageable as a whole, allowing companies to save more budget and redirect it to the financing of transportation means.

Top 5 Issues to be Solved in Logistics with Hi-Tech Solutions

Without further ado, in order to shed more light on the current state of affairs, below, we list the common issues logistics software development companies can expect to struggle within 2019.

  • Rational resource distribution: The ultimate reduction of time and financial expenses may not be the main driving point in profitable resource optimization. Market players should focus more on the reduction of harmful CO2 and waste emissions. An excellent solution here is to replace the existing standard means of transportation with drones as Amazon has already done.
  • Thorough tracking of transportation status: Using various sensors interconnected within the Internet of Things’ centralized network and involving powerful blockchain solutions, manufacturer companies can monitor the goods they deliver stage-by-stage, making sure that the product is original and is being moved in proper conditions.
  • The preciseness of the transportation movements: The implementation of navigational applications of the new generation in 2019 promises to solve the issue of downtimes in online translations of certain vehicles’ position. The GPS system is not completely precise in displaying the current location of objects in real time. For that reason, many development companies started releasing alternative products supporting a ray-tracing technique over the last few years. Such solutions are much more efficient as they conduct a probabilistic matching of shadows for thousands of possible locations.
  • Storage management optimization: Automation is the major way to optimize business processes. The implementation of software solutions for stock control in storages allows reducing the time needed to transport products.
  • The decrease in the need for human control on all delivery stages: Constant work of live employees on monotonous, repeated business processes is a straight way to meet many human factor-related risks. In order to minimize them, a company can involve robots and/or artificial intelligence on certain corporate production stages (e.g., autopilot and self-driving vehicles, which reduce the likelihood of delays and accidents during the goods’ transportation).


Summarizing the above said, as you can see, the current year is looking to bring in some good progress for the field of logistics. Artelogic logistics software development company build your own top-notch quality, customized solution for the niche.

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