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Looking to sell your bitcoins: how you can do it in 5 steps

These five steps play a vital role in selling bitcoins. These are the steps that will be more or less similar to the different platforms that you use for selling.

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Since you are trading in bitcoins it is only wise to sell them after a time, when you see the value has gone up. But the prime question is how will you do it and how will you understand where you are selling it is at all safe or not. There are websites like allin1 bitcoins that can be trusted for bitcoin trade. However, here are a few different steps that you can follow and sell your bitcoins wisely.

In the beginning, it might feel overwhelming but once you understand how it is done, you can repeat it multiple numbers of times, even without seeing this guide.

5 Easy Steps to Sell Bitcoins

There are steps for everything, these steps ensure that we are following the right footsteps and not make any mistake. See, online wealth is an asset and when you decide to sell it, it should go smoothly without any hassle. Before that, you will have to conduct thorough research on the trading websites that support buying and selling. These websites sometimes can be confusing so make sure you ask as many questions that you can think of before trusting a website.

Here are the steps that you will follow to sell bitcoins and make a profit-

  1. Seek out a Website

There are many bitcoin selling websites out there spread over the internet, few among them will give you high liquidity, best price, and most importantly a trustworthy connection.

Here are a few important things that you should know about-

  1. The country that you are located in should be supported by the bitcoin selling site
  2. The website should be trustworthy so that you don’t fall into counterparty risks.
  3. This website should have a pair for the bitcoin exchange such as BTC/USD, BTC/SGD, BTC/INR, BTC/AUD, and your national currency
  4. The bitcoin volume should be high enough so that you get the best price it is selling at.
  5. The exchange fee must be, low

For better results find out the list of authentic websites that you can use for selling without getting digitally robbed.

  1. Create an account

After you have successfully found a website that supports your country and is authentic you will register in, to that website making an account for yourself. This process can sometimes take 2 days while in some cases 5 minutes. This depends on your residency, country, and the website you are using to sell your bitcoins.

  1. Put Your Bitcoin inside the wallet

When the account is made you will be able to access the website as you please. Here you will see the wallet section, where you will search out your unique address for the bitcoin deposit. When you are transferring your bitcoins to the wallet, it can take 6 to 60 minutes for the transaction to be complete.

  1. Place your Sell Order

Once you see that the bitcoins have been transferred to the wallet, you can easily place a sell order. You have to search the ongoing price of bitcoins and place your bitcoins on that rate once you are ready to sell. In the maximum of these websites, you will find an easy to use section using which you can place sell orders.

  1. Cash-out deposits

When your bitcoins will be sold, the fiat currency will get deposited in your wallet. This amount can be withdrawn directly from your bank account, or other online accounts like PayPal and other such resources. This is a simple process, and it could get done immediately or in some cases take up to 1-2 days. Even this is a process that is dependent on the website policies and the country you reside in. 


These five steps play a vital role in selling bitcoins. These are the steps that will be more or less similar to the different platforms that you use for selling. Nevertheless, there are few really good websites that will help you sell you bitcoins without you having to face much difficulty. But, make sure before you do business with anyone you have to read their terms and conditions thoroughly.

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