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Lowering the divorce rate through technology

Technology can enhance a marriage and keep you from considering divorce immediately when something goes wrong.

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Most experts agree that technology has not been good for relationships.

Phones have become distractions from intimacy, and social media has become a substitute for real connections.

So how can technology decrease divorces? Here are some possibilities.

Matchmaking services

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There are some ways in which technology might make relationships stronger. like, Bumble, and eHarmony, among numerous others, have been around for years.

They purport to help people meet others who have similar interests but also to allow them to find “the one.”

These apps are the precursor to what technology can potentially do to lower the divorce rate. 

Connecting a user with someone perfectly compatible with marriage may be possible through progressive AI interfaces and algorithms. Certainly, you can never remove the human element from relationships.

Still, the closer technology matches people with their ideal partners, the better the odds are for successful marriages.

Improved communication

There are hundreds of technology tools available to improve communication between partners.

From texting to shared grocery lists, and automated reminders to online schedules, there are a few reasons why partners can’t be on the same page about nearly every logistical component of their lives.

Since poor communication is a major factor in many divorces, these tools can potentially improve that aspect of relationships. 

Communication in relationships is about more than just remembering her birthday or reminding him to pick up some milk on his way home.

It’s about expressing yourself appropriately when you’re upset or angry and learning how to respond appropriately.

These tools aren’t going to work for that, but there is another form of technology that might be beneficial.

Remote therapy

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Most relationships between spouses can benefit from some sort of therapy to make sure each person in the marriage is content.

But not everyone wants to physically visit a therapist for various reasons ranging from a lack of time to embarrassment. Today, though, there’s no reason that an in-person visit to a marriage counselor is required. 

Licensed marriage counselors and therapists now offer services through online therapy portals and apps.

This makes marriage counseling affordable and accessible to almost all families, and keeping your relationship healthy through therapy can go a long way in reducing divorce rates.

Remote therapy can also improve communication between spouses so that you can use the technology tools available more effectively.

Perhaps, for example, your spouse needs you to text a good morning message to them to make them feel more connected to you throughout the day.

Therapy can help you discover these small ways to use technology to your relationship’s benefit. 


Divorce rates vary by region. For example, divorce rates are up in California and down in Florida.

While it’s clear that most technological advances have been detrimental to marriages and other types of relationships, there are ways to make technology work for your marriage.

You have to be intentional about how you use technology and be careful not to neglect your in-person connections.

Still, technology can enhance a marriage and keep you from considering divorce immediately when something goes wrong.

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