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MAG425A or Xiaomi Mi Box?

This device is a high-performance 4K Android TV device with HDR and voice-controlled remote, as well as built-in Google services.

mag425a android tv
Image: Infomir

Infomir’s MAG425A is a TV device with built-in Google services, HDR and voice-controlled remote. With a very easy and user-friendly control for all the family. 

With a 4K Android TV, you can play games from the Google Play Store on the big screen which is really awesome. This is one of those products which allow you to play on your TVs with 4K resolution. You can try it for yourself because it is so simple to add any game and just start playing.

The voice-controlled remote should also really come in handy finding the games you want to play. Visit for more information.

Tired of having to fiddle with all the buttons on your remote? Can’t see what’s written on the screen properly? No problem! Use a voice-controlled remote. Like other features on Android TV, the remote with voice control is minimalistic. There aren’t any buttons with numbers and letters like on old remotes, instead, there is an on-screen keyboard which is really awesome and practical.

MAG425A or Xiaomi Mi Box?

Infomir did their best to make the MAG425A as easy to use for customers as possible. It takes just a few steps to set up MAG425A compared to the Xiaomi Mi Box which is really hard to get started and set up. 

The remote is stable and works immediately after the “Power” button is pressed. Whereas, we had some difficulties using the remote control for the Xiaomi Mi box. Their remote only started working after 30-40 seconds of pressing the power button. The Xiaomi development team even admitted this problem. 

Even though the Xiaomi Mi Box S has better Wi-Fi than MAG425A, they don’t have Ethernet. The Ethernet connection is both faster and more stable than Wi-Fi.

MAG425A has two USB ports (USB 2.0 × 1 pc., USB 3.0 × 1 pc) and Micro SD card reader; Xiaomi Mi Box has only one USB port, the old one (2.0). Neither have a web browser. However, Infomir claims that in the near future they will add a “MAGic Browser”.

Xiaomi Mi Box S has no file manager. MAG425A has a default application MAGic Files which will help you with external devices. Also, Xiaomi never includes batteries with their products. Infomir, on the other hand, provides two AAA batteries as a gift. 


MAG425A is Infomir’s flagship set-top box. Here are some of its features:

  • 8 GB eMMC
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Voice-controlled remote
  • Android 8.0
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • MicroFusion design

Infomir’s MAG425A was made for all types of clients so you can set it up by yourself. A simple use and fast speed when watching 4K videos with 60 fps. Great audio with Dolby Digital Plus make you feel like you’re in the cinema. 

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