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MagHive wants to help you organize your cluttered life with style

Slap your keys, phone, and earbuds onto the pads and walk away.


We love gadgets and Every Day Carry (EDC) at KnowTechie. The problem with EDC is remembering everything when you leave the house. Sure, you could put everything in a tray near the door – but where’s the fun in that? The MagHive, from PITAKA, is here to help.

PITAKA says that “while Amazon and Google continue to battle for the living room, they’re targeting the entryway — the first and the last checkpoint before entering or leaving your home.”

The company has a unique solution for this, with their modular MagHive system. The MagHive at its core is a display module that tracks notifications, calendars, and even voicemail. Then there are addon sections such as a magnetic wireless-charging pad and NFC-enabled magnetic pads that give you a centralized location to store your “stuff.” The NFC enables the display to show preset notifications both when you put something onto it or when you take them off when leaving the house in the morning.

Keys, phones, even headphones (if metal) can be securely stored exactly where you will see them when rushing to beat morning traffic. Even the most-prepared of us need a little helping hand sometimes, and this combination of smart assistant and storage is great. The hexagons come in Beech, Walnut, and Maple, or if you prefer a different shape – there’s the MagBar Pro in rectangular carbon fiber.

I always forget things when I leave the house, even after checking my pockets three times. The MagHive seems to fix a problem that I knew I had but didn’t actually know how to articulate.

If you, too, struggle from a disorganized mess of electronics and life, check out the Kickstarter for more details.


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