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Make your business more productive and profitable by using an instant messaging service

If you’re looking to add more to your business’ bottom line while boosting productive, consider utilizing an instant messaging service.

When instant messaging is used in the right way, it can actually help business owners make their businesses more productive and ultimately more profitable. In the last ten years, we have witnessed rapid advancements in the world of technology. Just two decades ago, most of the businesses were relying on fax machines. A few years later, many of them have started using emails. Today, instant messaging is becoming one of the most used forms of communication in the business world.

There are many ways in which we can define instant messaging, but the most accurate one describes this type of messaging as a type of real-time direct communication best on textual symbols between at least two individuals that use computers or mobile devices.

The benefits of using IM

IM is a quick and simple way to get any information you need. Once you are logged into the system, you can select your status. In most cases, people can choose to stay online but remain invisible to others. This opportunity to see the statuses can help other employees find out whether someone is available at the moment or not. In case you’ve got any questions that require quick response, you can type a message and get a response right away. This makes this form of messaging superior to emails. When it comes to emails, you have to wait for the answer for a long time and people usually don’t check their emails all the time. So, the speed of this process can save a lot of time and effort for employees, managers, business owners and customers.

According to a huge number of experts and a few surveys and scientific studies, this form of communication definitely brings some huge advantages when it’s used in the workplace. There is no doubt that IM can save a lot of time when people replace more conventional forms of communication like emails and phones with it. These studies have confirmed that people spend less time when they are getting information about these instant messaging programs compared to phone calls. In addition, they were not as disruptive as phone calls. Obviously, these things are crucial for the productivity of every employee. On the other hand, managers can use these tools to check the progress of the project and to see whether the collaboration between employees is going smoothly. Once again, the main point is to save time.

Of course, just like in the case of other types of communication, this one has some downsides too. For example, when people are engaged in several conversations they may lose their focus. This causes an opposite effect, running employees’ productivity. So, the best idea is to use these systems moderately and only when needed. Many businesses have realized this and have issued special rules for the use of instant messaging. The market is full of this type of messaging solutions, so take some time and pick the one that suits your needs (and the needs of your employees) in the best way.

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