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Make the most of your iPhone by learning the ins and outs

If you’re looking to get a little more out of your iPhone, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

iPhone touchscreen

Whether you’re brand new to the iPhone or have been using one for years the odds are that you’ve come across a few niggles that stop the device from being quite as perfect as you’d hoped it would be. Don’t worry though, we’re here to fix that Whether you’re having issues,

Improving the battery life

One of the biggest gripes among regular iPhone users is that the battery can’t make it through an entire day. Each new generation of iPhone generally improves the battery capacity but also adds new features that drain that capacity even more quickly. Here are a few tips for getting those crucial extra few hours from your new iPhone

Choose your apps wisely

Bad news. The Facebook app is one of the worst battery hogs on the iPhone. Its constant use of location services (the iPhone’s GPS) means that it drains your battery more quickly than other apps. If you can’t live without the Facebook app then disable these location services from running in the background. You can do this by opening ‘Settings’ then selecting ‘Privacy’, ‘Location services’ and changing the Facebook setting to ‘While using the App’

Low battery mode

The iPhone will ask if you want to switch to low battery mode once it drains to 20% of capacity. If you’ve got a long day planned then you can switch to this mode earlier and save a crucial few percentage points. Open ‘Settings’, select ‘Battery’ and turn the ‘low Power Mode’ setting to ‘on’,

iPhone 7

Got an iPhone 7? Then here’s a list of the features you can boast about to make your friends green with envy.

  • Splashproof – This bit gets a little technical. Apple doesn’t really guarantee anything about how waterproof or otherwise the iPhone 7 is – so don’t go throwing it into a lake just to see what happens. In theory however your iPhone 7 can get at least a little wet without any terrible consequences – so don’t worry if the heavens open on your way home. We haven’t been brave enough to drop one in the toilet yet!
  • Battery life If you’ve been tearing your hair out because your iPhone just can’t make it through the day then the iPhone 7 should bring a little relief. Its battery should get through an hour or two more each day than the iPhone 6. Plus, shiny new phones tend to have better battery life than older models anyway – the battery capacity reduces a little every time you charge it.

iPhone 8

Apple’s got a new iPhone is in the oven and there are plenty of sweet new features on the way. According to the rumor mill, the new model will have a screen that fills the front of the device – meaning it’s goodbye to the home button. We’re also expecting a performance boost, wireless charging, and the usual battery life bump. We’ll find out what Apple has planned in mid-September.

When it all goes wrong

This is one for the old hands and the newbies. Apple’s iPhone 7 has a different reset procedure to older models. This means that if the device locks up totally your path to a reboot (and back to sanity) is holding down the power button on the right-hand side of the phone and the volume down button on the left for around 10 seconds.

Got an older iPhone? Then it’s a little different for you. Hold down the home button underneath the screen and the power button for 10 seconds and your device will pop back to life.

Still not able to do quite what you want with your iPhone? As Apple used to say ‘There’s an app for that’. Take a look through the App Store and you’re bound to find something that solves your problem. Just be sure to read the reviews first and be wary of any app that forces you into a subscription to do something. Scams have been on the rise recently.

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