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Mastering online marketing for your brand

Creating a brand in the modern age doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at how many smaller brands and services manage it all the time.

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If you run a business, you’ll likely already know how much of a powerhouse the internet can be for marketing. Digital marketing has evolved massively in a few short years, with big brands making use of social media channels to reach customers and consumers directly. As so many of us around the world connect daily, it makes sense that even the smallest of businesses would want to take advantage of the channels available to them.

However, refining your online branding and marketing is a fine art. We’re no longer at the start of the dotcom bubble or the edge of the e-commerce boom. Online marketing is a standard that companies big and small perfect with minimal effort. Therefore, competing in the modern world is, in some ways, a little trickier than it might have been 10 to 15 years ago.

Here are a few ways in which you can work your brand to its full potential online, even if the marketing competition is growing fiercer and more prevalent by the day.

Partner with a dedicated firm

The rise of digital marketing has, of course, given rise to digital marketing professionals. It’s a role which didn’t exist 20 years ago. Now, you have your pick of thousands of digital marketing specialists based all over the world. However, you need to be savvy about which services you partner with.

Do you choose a start-up with plenty of passion and talent for marketing but with room to grow – or do you choose an established service, such as Wolverine Solutions Group, which has managed to evolve carefully into the modern age? The choice is yours. In either case, it makes sense to lighten the burden a little with a digital marketing expert who can help you with your brand proliferation.

Tighten up your SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the lifeblood of all online marketing. This phenomenon – again, unheard of in 2000 – allows you to optimize and fine-tune your web content so that Google learns to pitch it to the right searchers. Crucially, it is all about making sure that you scale the top of the search listings.

However, SEO isn’t easy to perfect overnight. Again, partnering with a professional is probably the best way to go. Old-school black-hat techniques would revolve around cramming web pages full of keywords with little context. Nowadays, Google actively expects your website to be mobile-ready and to offer genuine answers and fantastic customer experiences.

That’s not as hard as it can seem. You can teach yourself SEO in your spare time, or, as mentioned, you can hire an expert.

Don’t try to fit in

If there’s one thing that modern consumers hate, it’s cajoling, or a stiff talking down to. Consumers in the digital age are more aware of advertising and marketing techniques than ever before. This isn’t the age of people buying into clever slogans and dodgy advertising techniques. It’s the age of people appreciating conversing like human beings.

In the modern age, you shouldn’t try so hard to make your brand fit in. You should look at what the competition is doing – of course – but beyond this, you really should follow your own route. If marketing success stories of recent years are anything to go by, it’s clear that the best business marketing is that which is proud to stand alone.

What is it that makes your brand unique? If you’re more keen to share dated memes than actually to establish a brand personality, there might not be any hope for you.

Make use of all the platforms

Okay – it might not make much sense to use Instagram if you offer writing services, but it is still a viable platform you are going to need to take advantage of. Social media has never been more prevalent in our lives. There are big businesses who are still failing to understand that. Facebook, of course, is likely to be a default option for all companies.

But there’s still plenty of worth in connecting with your customers and other businesses through Twitter. Maybe you could share instructional videos and insights through YouTube. Beyond this, you could encourage people to start pinboards and collections with you through Pinterest. There’s a vast social world out there, and you’re missing out on it.

Don’t hold back

Creating a brand in the modern age doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at how many smaller brands and services manage it all the time. You just need to find your voice, and to be ready to adopt all the tech that comes your way. Set aside all preconceptions and keep an open mind – and please don’t fall back on memes, it’s not worth it.

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