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MetaTrader 4 or proprietary platforms? these brokers have both

Trading platforms connect traders with financial markets, enabling experienced and novice traders to take advantage of advanced tools.

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Over the years, financial markets have seen several emerging trends transform how traders plan and place trades.

One of the most significant developments is the introduction of trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

These platforms make it easier for brokers to offer a conducive space for traders to trade more securely and efficiently. There’s tons of market information.

So, irrespective of market fluctuations, it’s always feasible to trade profitably, thanks to advanced trading platform features.

A trader must find the right regulated broker with the ideal platform and tools. Best of all, most brokers offer multiple platforms for added convenience.

A trading platform has many features to help traders confidently place trades. They provide access to catalogs of financial instruments.

On top of that, there are real-time quotes, charting tools, comprehensive market data, and news feeds.

These features allow novice and experienced traders to make informed trading decisions.

Software developers often design platforms that are suitable for specific instruments. For this reason, the platform has the best functionality for stocks, futures markets, currencies, or options.

Given this background, brokers offer multiple platforms, including proprietary trading platforms and the popular MetaTrader.

In doing so, brokers ensure convenience for traders keen to use different platforms to place trades.

A closer look at MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

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These two leading platforms undoubtedly enjoy the lion’s share of the market.

They connect traders with financial markets, enabling experienced and novice traders to take advantage of advanced tools.

Access to MT4 and 5 helps traders analyze market trends more comprehensively.

Analysis plays a critical role in managing trades more effectively. As a result, a trader can earn significant profits from winning trades.

MetaQuotes Software Corp. developed the platforms to simplify access to critical market data and relevant tools.

The best part is that the platform automates some trading functions for added convenience.

Regulated brokers can offer the MetaTrader platform with or without customization to suit traders’ needs. The platforms are popular partly because of their stability and comprehensive trading features.

Traders value MetaTrader because it enhances flexibility by allowing users to switch between different traders.

These platforms eliminate the need to navigate unfamiliar user interfaces.

However, brokers also offer proprietary platforms to ensure access to multiple options or a custom trading experience for clients.

Brokers supporting MetaTrader and proprietary trading platforms

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Several brokers are offering both MT4 and proprietary platforms. These brokerage firms include HFM, easyMarkets, Avatrade, and Pepperstone.

Here’s what you need to know about these brokers and their trading platforms.


Arguably the best broker with the right tools and platforms. HFM offers 13 platforms, including HFM platform, MT4, and MT5, to suit the different trading needs of its clients.

Its proprietary platform, HFcopy is a powerful tool that allows you to copy trades automatically, keep an eye on your active trades, and follow multiple strategy providers.

Meanwhile, the MT4 platform also offers wide-ranging securities, including commodities, stocks, and currencies.

Although the platform lacks automated trading, it allows users to create algorithms without technical experience.

MT4 boasts several indicators, an advanced Autochartist tool, and add-ons. It comes with the client sentiment tool, which detects whether a trader is bullish or bearish about specific instruments.


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This broker lets traders place trades on various assets via MetaTrader and its easyMarkets platform.

Traders take advantage of these platforms to trade in contracts for difference (CFDs) with confidence.

When clients trade via the proprietary platform, they enjoy tax-free benefits. So, there are no commission fees, stamp duty, or capital gains tax.

On the other hand, CMS imposes no minimum deposit thresholds for traders to begin trading. The only thing a trader needs is adequate funds for the leveraged positions.

In doing so, it becomes easier to avoid a margin call. The easyMarkets platform provides access to thousands of assets from which to trade.


This multi-regulated broker allows traders to use its proprietary trading platform in addition to MetaTrader 5 and 4.

The broker understands that traders with varying trading experiences may require different trading platforms.

Using these platforms makes it easier to use comprehensive charting tools required to formulate effective trading strategies.

What’s more, the platforms come with user-friendly interfaces to cater to the needs of beginner and experienced traders.

MT5 has advanced backtesting capabilities and excellent customer support features. 

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