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Mixhalo lets concertgoers listen to music as it was intended to sound

Wearing headphones at a concert seems strange, but this app could definitely make it worth it.

Loud concert with mixhalo app
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The experience of seeing your favorite band live is awesome. Getting to hear those guitar riffs or beats echoing in the club, theater or arena is a real adrenaline rush. What about hearing music from a different point of view? More specifically, what about the musicians actually playing on stage while you are at the concert?

After all, it can sound rawer and, for lack of a better word, more awesome. Hearing it this way could give the song a new perspective for the listener and give it a unique spin.

Mixhalo is a live event/audio app that helps attendees here things in the most pure form possible. The app is designed to stream the live audio musicians hear from their radio packs while they are on stage. When a user opens up the app, its home screen urges them to have their headphones handy. And its not just a cute command either, as your handy pair of earbuds are literally needed if you expect to get anything out of this while at a concert.

In order to hear different sound mixes, a user will have to connect to the company’s proprietary Wi-Fi network. The network is similar to radio broadcasts, which helps make the sounds clearer going through the phone.

When you finally connected, and the music starts playing, that’s when Mixhalo shows what it’s capable of doing. Users will get a purer experience with the song without acoustics or obnoxious concert-goers behind you. If you want to hear more of the vocals, you can turn down other instruments, or tweak it to your personal tastes.

Quartz Technology editor Mike Murphy had the chance to try out the app at an Incubus concert.

I was standing to the side of the stage, and although the band was facing outwards, it felt as if they were just playing for me, and I managed to somehow forget there were thousands of fans around me.

Mixhalo can only be accessed through bands and musicians that have it set up. Some of those bands, as shown on their website, are Aerosmith, Pharrell Williams, and Incubus.

Although, the Incubus connection is a bit deeper than just a use case.

Mixhalo is founded by musicians to give audiences a different kind of listening experience

The questions and concerns mentioned above were on Mixhalo Co-Founder and Incubus lead guitarist Mike Einziger’s mind for a long time. In an interview with Quartz, Einziger talks about these ideas. The musician began to think even further about this idea and realized that, with his technical knowledge, a smartphone could replicate, or in some cases create, the live sound he was looking for.

And in 2016, Einziger had co-founded Mixhalo with his wife Ann Marie Simpson, who is also a professional musician. The idea of Mixhalo is a great one, and can certainly give users a unique concert experience. Especially if they get to hear their favorite song like the musician intended to.

As of this writing, the app is still in early access and can be currently be downloaded on iOS.

What do you think? Interested in trying out Mixhalo at the next concert you attend? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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