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How to use Android and iOS apps for a better night’s sleep

Our phones might be partially responsible for our bad sleeping habits, but some apps can actually help.

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Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to recharge the “batteries,” but not everyone can get their heads on their pillows and fall asleep easily. Sleep disorders such as insomnia are even very common, especially in today’s digital age. Even so, have you ever considered using mobile apps to help you sleep better?

If you are tired of counting sheep, drinking tea, or meditating, technology may be able to help. Some apps for smartphones are literally making people sleepy, but in a good way – they create a perfect environment for you to sleep well and get the deep sleep you need. Here are five examples.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

How about resting to the sound of nature? This is what the Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app for Android offers, which promises not only to stimulate sleep but also relax the user throughout the day through sounds of the sea, forest, snow, birds, waterfalls, and crickets, among others.

Relax Melodies

Interestingly, music helps with productivity as well as relaxation. With the Relax Melodies app for iOS and Android, there are 50 options of ambient sounds, with sounds of sea, rain, trains and still some binary beats (varied sonorous frequencies reproduced in each one of the ears) that promise to send the user into a complete state of relaxation and optimal sleep health, sending insomnia away for good.

The app even allows the user to mix sounds and also offers a kind of timer to program the period in which the program will be active.

Long Deep Breathing

It’s not just ambient music and sounds that can help with nighttime relaxation. The proposal of Long Deep Breathing (iOS) consists of small breathing exercises that aid in relaxation, relieving any accumulated stress from the day.

The application can be used in other situations as well, as it is based on yoga exercises, being a great option to accompany exercises.

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

If the stress of work and day-to-day activities makes your mind restless, this app (available for Android and iOS) promises to help calm you down. It aims to relax through a self-hypnosis method, which consists of a text (audio in English of approximately 27 minutes) read by the app’s designer, the British hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold.

Sleepmaker Rain

Few things are more pleasant than sleeping under the rain, right? This is what Sleepmaker Rain for iOS offers. By means of 20 tracks simulating the sound of the rain, in different intensities (weak, medium and strong), the Sleepmaker Rains will serve as a real sleep aid.

If you have trouble sleeping, you will probably find some application on this list that will help you to fall asleep, monitor your rest or wake you up subtly. Do you know of any other Apps we’ve missed from this list? Leave your comment below.

What do you think? Do you use any apps to help you sleep? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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