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Mobile sports betting registration in Illinois extended until October 17th

Since anyone can download an app and signup within minutes, the state should continue to see a rise in profits and reap the rewards of allowing online registration.

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Thanks to new legislation, mobile sports betting was launched in Illinois in March, but the process has been difficult in light of COVID restrictions and other issues. Operations began just a week before the shutdown, which led the governor to sign an executive order that would allow people to register online for mobile betting accounts. 

This was live and available until late July. The order was then reversed, and bettors were once again required to show up at a sportsbook in person to sign up for a new account. Of course, amid plenty of outcry at this decision, the order was put back into place until September 19, and no one heard anything about it until then. 

Fortunately, mobile registration for online sportsbook apps in Illinois has been extended through October 17, 2020. This order allows for in-person registration where possible and desired but does not make it a requirement. This is beneficial for the state as well as the online sportsbooks, who are now getting much more traffic because people don’t have to show up in person. 

Sportsbooks like FanDuel Illinois and DraftKings Illinois, whose physical locations are far outside of Chicago’s city limits and well beyond the reach of most suburbs, will benefit most from this order, as more people can sign up and play without having to make the drive 2-4 hours south/southwest. BetRivers and PointsBet are in a better position because they are in the greater Chicago area, but everyone is winning with the option for mobile registration still available. 

The Benefit for the State

The rocky political start for legalized sports betting in Illinois is part of the reason for pushing for memberships and mobile signup options even though the shutdown has been effectively lifted and things have reopened. Initially, all operators were supposed to wait 18 months before entering the state as a legal operator, but both DraftKings and FanDuel found loopholes that allowed them to register anyway. This is when the executive order came down to pull online registration. 

However, the sports betting industry was not having any more of the political dance and made a major issue of the removal of online registrations, so it only lasted for a few weeks. And, in July alone, the state reported $62 million in bets, which is clear proof that the online registration is working in Illinois’ favor. Since anyone can download an app and signup within minutes, the state should continue to see a rise in profits and reap the rewards of allowing online registration, which has been extended for the foreseeable future. 

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