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Mobirise: The perfect HTML page creator for non-tech people

Mobirise is not just an HTML Page Creator. It also enables you to launch the finished website on a renowned platform or a reliable server.


At this point in technological and industrial history, it is imperative for any new business to have a website of its own. The same applies to any artistic individual who wants to showcase their creativity on a publicly accessible digital platform. That is why a handy HTML Page Creator like Mobirise is so necessary nowadays.

Never heard of Mobirise? Or want to know more about it? Let us tell you everything!

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a free HTML Page Creator that helps people to design websites or web pages. It enables young entrepreneurs, amateur programmers, and other creative individuals to explore the possibilities of web designing without any pressure of coding.

Anyone can download it on their Windows or Mac device and begin designing the website. It can turn your ideas into reality by giving you the freedom of modifying default templates and publishing the site on your preferred platform.


  1.     Simplicity

The biggest advantage of relying on a free website maker like Mobirise is the simplicity it brings for users who don’t have a background in software development.

No matter how unfamiliar you are to the world of coding and web designing, Mobirise will let you create a web page within a minute. All you need to do is have an idea or a vision for the page.

  1.     Mobile-friendly

It would be impossible to gain traction on your brand new web page if it is not accessible from all devices. That is why Mobirise encourages its users to build responsive web pages that will work flawlessly on computers and mobile devices alike.

  1.     Impressive Collection

If you are not exactly sure of what components you want on your web page, you can browse through the impressive collection available on this app. It brings you more than 75 website templates ready to go. There are also 3500 blocks in those templates and 50 to 100 blocks in each theme.

  1.     Budget-friendly

Don’t sweat too much thinking about how you will afford all these benefits. Mobirise allows the users to take advantage of its features free of cost. You can download it anytime and start working for the perfect web page. However, it also has some exclusive themes and features at an affordable price on its paid version.

  1.     Windows and Mac

The debate of Apple vs Microsoft will always be there since both of these tech elites have huge crowds of loyal customers. However, regardless of your priority, Mobirise lets you design your dream website with both. You can get it on your MacBook or Windows-supported computer for creating the web page.

How to use Mobirise?

Making a web page with Mobirise is incredibly easy. Just follow the steps described below to get started!

  1.     Download Software

First of all, download the software from our website on your desktop device, laptop or smartphone.

It is compatible with both iOS and Windows operating systems. So you don’t have to worry about the specifications of your device. After downloading successfully, run it and install the HTML page creator.

  1.     Select A Theme

You will find a rich collection of themes available there. Select the one which suits your vision of the website or your preferred aesthetic the most. There are over 75 readymade templates available here and you can access hundreds more from its paid version.

  1.     Enter Website Name

Once you are done with the theme selection, it is time to give a name to your website in the process. Choose this title carefully since it will be the first thing noticed by your future visitors. Then move on to the next step.

  1.     Modify Default Features

Now the real fun begins! You can modify multiple features of the readymade template any way you want! These include its text, sample parameters, photos, videos and more. Make the site just the way you envisioned it.

  1.     Hit Publish

At this point, the website is ready to be published on any platform you want. You can save it in your local folder, post it on your GitHub account or upload it to the server like a pro through GTP or our Mobirise server!


As you can see, Mobirise is not just an HTML Page Creator. It also enables you to launch the finished website on a renowned platform or a reliable server. This way, you can share it with your friends, followers, and potential clients all at once. Open up new doors of opportunities with Mobirise!

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