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Motley Fool Stock Advisor Features

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The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a subscription-based platform where members pay to get stock picks backed by expert research. With this, the company aims to give subscribers an edge in the market and help them make significant profits. The company uses simple steps, which include giving you helpful, time-tested tips to guide your investment. Here are the features that enable their success;

Monthly Stock Picks

The monthly stock picks are the most notorious features of this program and remain its most prominent value. It gives subscribers two unique stock recommendations as analyzed by the company’s co-founding brothers, Tom and David Gardner.

If you are starting to build your stock portfolio and diversify at the same time, Motley Fool gives you the following options;

1.        Starter Stocks

The Starter Stock option gives you ten stocks that you can use to establish a robust foundation for your stock portfolio. It features stock from established companies with proven track records and a bright future as excellent investment options.

2.        Best Stocks to Buy

As a Motley Fool subscriber, you will also get access to ‘Best Stocks to Buy’ right now. As the name suggests, these are the best-performing stocks in the market and ones that guarantee you great returns. They are similar to starter stock, as you can add them to your brokerage account right away.

These two are like investment advice and will tell you what is viable and what is not. So if you are not sure what you are doing, pick, use the tips, and enjoy the enormous returns for as long as possible.

Stock Research

If you are looking for an expert analysis of the stock market, then Motley Fool will work for you. The co-founding brothers run intensive market research on every stock before making recommendations. What they provide are not ordinary stock tips that you get from random newspaper posts or free journals. Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor only uses stock picks backed by extensive research and ones they are sure will yield results.

The platform provides reposts backing their research so that you understand every detail before you invest in any recommendation. Understanding why you are investing gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not just following instructions. So, while you can still bank on the Motley Stock brand reputation, you must go through the reports.

Educational Content

Being a Motley Fool subscriber allows you to learn more about the investment markets. The platform has additional educational resources. You can always use them to boost your understanding of the industry and boost your decision-making ability.

The educational content comes in two forms, general investment lessons and market news. Here you get articles on methodologies the two brothers use to research stock and their investing guidelines.  These are insights that give you a firsthand understanding of the advice and pick you to get.

As a new Stock Advisor member, you get access to the company’s newsletters which educate you for different angles as below;

  • Rule Your Retirement costing $149 per annum
  • Rule Breakers costing $299 per annum and
  • Cloud Disruptor costing &1999 per annum

 Community Forum

Apart from getting tips from the company founders, the platform also allows you to share your views with fellow investors. In this forum, you will meet both seasoned and new members with different experiences in stock markets. It could be the right place for newbies looking for methods to maneuver the fields or experts looking to pass their knowledge.

You will find investors sharing their stock ideas and new members asking for guidance on things they do not understand. Even with this, we advise that you be keen on what you digest. Some of these members are no-experts sharing information without proof, which could mess you up big time.

Live Customer Service

It is essential to share your views with fellow members at the community forum. But, if you doubt anything about your investment, Motley Fool has a live customer service platform to iron things. You will get expert advice and answers to any queries, complaints, or compliments you may have. Always use the live customer service platform to get help if you are not sure about anything.

 Stock screener

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor has an intuitive stock screener for both new and seasoned members.  Here you can key in your stock and sort them by dividend yield, asset class, volatility, sector, and many other categories.  It is not as powerful as other stock screeners out there, but it serves the purpose very well.

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