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MOZA Racing announces new direct drive wheel bundle, FSR Formula Wheel

MOZA Racing is building professional sim racing equipment that drivers can depend on for quality and endurance and trusted brandi n the market.

Formula One game steering wheel
Image: Moza

Sim racing hardware producer MOZA Racing is excited to announce a new entry-level direct drive wheel bundle to build on its ever-increasing lineup of products and a new FSR Formula Wheel.

The new products aim to satisfy newcomers to direct drive wheels and veterans looking for a top-of-the-line wheel.

The MOZA R5 direct drive wheelbase

Moza Wheel base direct drive
Image: Moza

The R5 Wheelbase is MOZA’s newest entry-level direct drive wheelbase, with 5.5Nm of torque.

It sports a similar, sleek black design to the R9 but with a smaller compact form.

The MOZA R5 bundle

MOZA ES Racing steering wheel
Image: Moza

The R5 bundle comes with a new wheel from MOZA, the ES.

The ES wheel is a leather-rim wheel, sporting MOZA’s signature Flow lights, quick release system, and configurable buttons through MOZA’s software suite, MOZA Pit House.

The bundle also includes a new set of pedals, the SR-P Lite Pedals. These are an all-steel, lightweight revision of MOZA’s SR-P pedals.

In addition, the pedals feature flexibility and adjustability, minus the SR-P load cell brake system. 

Moza pedals
Image: Moza

The R5 bundle represents MOZA’s attempt to capture consumers curious to experience direct drive simulators but conscious of their budget.

Additionally, the R5 will retail for $599, including the wheelbase, desk clamp, wheel, and pedals, representing the best direct drive package at this price point. 

The MOZA FSR Formula Wheel

Moza Formula One game steering wheel
Image: Moza

The FSR formula wheel is MOZA’s newest premium wheel.

Moreover, It expands on the success of the GS GT Wheel, with a full carbon fiber frame and 4.3″ HD screen featuring 15 different UI interfaces.

It is 280mm in width and sports perforated leather for the grips.

The FSR features an optional USB connection for increased compatibility. It also includes additional buttons on the wheel to ensure drivers can make any adjustments needed on the fly. 

The new FSR Formula Wheel will retail for $649 and is compatible with all MOZA wheelbases.

MOZA is excited to announce these new products and will continue to develop its range of sim racing products.

For more information, follow MOZA’s social media platforms or visit the website (

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