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Why music sounds better with Marijuana

Some people believe that people enjoy music better under marijuana because marijuana boosts the senses and hearing is part of the senses thus boosted.

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Most people have discovered that they enjoy music better when they are high on marijuana. It is a better experience than listening to music when drunk from alcohol. Once you can get the marijuana strain that you love most, and you discover the right music, you will love the experience so much that you will love to try it again.

In human history, cannabis has always been associated with musicians and other creative people. They carry it around on tours and shows and they introduce it to others. Comedians often joke about musicians and their love for weed. Apart from its popularity with musicians, music has a unique feel to it. It engages people, soothes them, bonds with them, teaches them and shares love with them. Music and time have always been related to each other. There is a need to count pulses, multiple pulses, and score pulses. Rhythm involves placing sounds in time. Melody is a series of tones that are perceived and remembered as one unit. Scales and chords are also concepts that use mathematics. Music involves physics in its composition and performance.

Some people believe that people enjoy music better under marijuana because marijuana boosts the senses and hearing is part of the senses thus boosted. Marijuana decreases physical, emotional and psychological stress. When you face less stress, you avoid distractions, and you pay more attention to what you are listening.

Music does not become better since it has been recorded already. It is the way that you listen to the music that changes. You enjoy the lyrics and the rhythm better, and you bond with the music more. Going to music festivals is an example of how this works. You feel much better in the crowd, in front of your favorite musicians and you feel a sort of high making you enjoy the music better.

Marijuana affects the parietal, temporal and occipital lobes of the brain. Blood flows all around the body and the neuroreceptors act on signals they receive.  The parietal lobes interpret and blend sensations whenever music is listened to, and music and memory preoccupy the temporal lobes.

THC affects the pleasure centers of the brain which is the place where sensory perceptions get pulled together. THC pushes away short-term memory and immerses you in the present. Marijuana and music both make dopamine flow. The endocannabinoid receptors match with cannabinoids. This connection sends signals to the endocannabinoid system including the hippocampus which is the origin of memory functions.

The flow of dopamine in the body is increased by marijuana. It takes some time to find the right mix of CBD and THC in cannabis strains. But once you do, you will always have a swell time. Every marijuana strain is unique, and they all have their own characteristics. They also affect you based on your mood, your taste, and the occasion. Indicas make people enjoy music in a relaxed and slow way while sativa takes people into an extra dimension inside the music. A strain that contains more of sativa will get you inside the music. People feel that sativas are better for faster beats while indicas are better for slower beats.

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