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Must have software for students heading to college

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Once the summer has gone by, it is time for students to set it off in their colleges. Today, students have an easier time finding information that would have previously taken hours. The internet has made work easier for students to learn by providing them with the best software for college students and a library carrel to work with.

However, as a student, it can get difficult to know what to use to make your school year easier. Most students think that all they need is to install office and get a good browser. Such a mentality is misinformed because there are a lot of tools that you miss out on. The greatest thing about most of these study apps is that they can be installed on your phone and laptop, so you always have material to study regardless of where you are.

This article will highlight a couple of college softwares that are essential at ensuring that you are productive and successful in your school. While most of these apps are absolutely free, there are a few that need you to pay a few dollars. Regardless of what you want, this article will offer you information on the app and how it works, so you know what to choose when downloading it.


The best part of your academic year will be spent with you doing assignments, reading and writing papers. You will also be creating presentations and basic stats. Regardless of the level of study you are at, you will have to do all these tasks from time to time.

Microsoft office suite is great because it has impressive features. However, it is often not affordable for students because even with discounts, it will still cost anywhere between $80 and $140. LibreOffice is an excellent alternative for students. It comes with a powerful calculator and some impress programs. It also offers you a capable and free alternative to Microsoft word, powerpoint, and excel. It also covers most of the features available to you with the Microsoft office suite. You will not have to worry about accessing instructions sent by your professor. This program can open and save Microsoft documents. It also gives you access to draw, Base and math. It is also easy to learn so you will not have trouble using it. You can access it from any operating system.


With all the classes you will be attending, you will need to take notes regularly. This software for college students allows you to take notes, scribble and highlight. You also mark things with your pen. If you have a touchscreen PC, this will be a great addition to your apps. It also does a lot more than just taking notes. It also acts as a critical hub and allows you to save and share your work with others. It will also sip articles off the internet so you can use them later. You also have the freedom to share notebooks with other students so that you can make those group discussions easier.

The best thing about this app is that it is also compatible with Android and iOS phones. It is also free, so you will not have to pay for extra storage and upgrades.


You do not have to be a photographer for you to need a photo editing app. You will want pictures that you can keep and that will help store memories of you during your college years. This app is great because it gives you a series of filters that are visually refreshing. It also comes with advanced tools for a more sophisticated work on photographs. It is a great middle ground between those complex editors and those extremely cheap ones. Its total value is $20 although you can try out the free student software version, to begin with as you get around to what your editing needs are.


As a college student, you have numerous classes to attend, several assignments to complete each week and a couple of other duties to get done with. Keeping your schedule all in your head can be tough. Of course, you are young and energetic, and you would want to try, but it will be nearly impossible to do so. This app helps over 10 million people keep their lives organized. With this app, you can organize literary everything. From grocery shopping to work assignments, to the movies and songs you want to listen to, there is a place for everything in todoist. For only $28.99 each year, you can create your custom templates with timers and color code them according to how critical the activity is.

Zygote Body

If you are studying human anatomy or are interested in understanding the various parts of the human body, this app is for you. It lists all those bones, blood vessels and nerves, the heart, brain, and other body parts. It is a great 3D simulation of the body that allows you to understand each part. You can easily peel away the parts that you have already learned and added new parts that you want to begin learning. You can also find parts randomly by searching for an organ and clicking what you are interested in. It is also a great app that allows you to get the bigger picture of the body.


This app allows you to get a popular app with free coursework and lectures from some of the best schools. In addition to studying, you can log in your playlist and listen to great music as you study. It is a great place for you to get everything done and to enjoy yourself while doing it.

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