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Must-have technologies for safe driving

Cars these days are getting tricked out with some insane technology, but for the most part, are they safe? Here’s some of the best ones for safe driving.

Tesla car

Considering the number of vehicles present on the roads nowadays and the rate at which it increases every year, safety has been an important topic. Every aspect of it equally counts, from the mental and physical state the driver to the shape of the car and conditions on the road.

Therefore, before moving any further with the technological advancements, make sure you sit behind the wheel of a perfectly operating vehicle sober and focused and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Intelligent tires

intelligent tires

Some may argue that intelligent tires are no novelty in the field of safe driving. However, they are constantly being upgraded and thanks to new features available, they deserve to rightfully find their place on this list. Sensors informing you of various data, such as tire pressure, humidity of the road and reading of the road conditions will improve the safety of every ride you take. The data read on the dashboard will let you know immediately when it is strongly advisable to slow down even when you are not speeding at all, all in order to adapt to the road conditions.

Infrared night vision


As we all know it, driving at night demands additional attention. This is quite understandable since we are not nocturnal beings and night time should be sleeping time for us. Still, there are a number of people who need to drive during the night and every assistance in making it safer is more than welcome. Infrared night vision is a great aid. It helps spot all kinds of animals that cross the roads during the night. And, even more importantly, it helps spot pedestrians, whose involvement in traffic accidents in on the constant rise, probably as a consequence of texting and mobile phone use.


gopro hero

Regardless of how safely we are driving, accidents happen without us being able to avoid them. Unfortunately, unless there are perfectly visible proofs that it was not our fault, the only way to be able to compensate the damage is to have a witness of the accident willing to wait for the police to write a report and then testify in court. Well, how about if you had an impartial witness with you at all times?

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 GoPro hero action camera is the perfect solution for this. Its ultra-wide-angle glass lens will make sure nothing is missed and provide a superb quality video. The sturdy waterproof housing guarantees recording practically under any conditions while the portability of camera enables easy low profile mounting.

Airbags and seatbelts


It has been proven in practice time and time again that the airbags and seatbelts are absolutely essential when it comes to improved driving safety. The best results are achieved when they are used simultaneously. The manufacturers realized this and are now offering a combo, a seatbelt with a built in airbag. They are particularly efficient when it comes to back seat passengers, especially youngsters and senior citizens.

As you can see, everything matters when it comes to the improvement of the safety while driving. Even the oldest safety equipment, such as seatbelts and airbags are being constantly improved and deemed as equally important innovative factors as intelligent tires or dash cameras. Having and using them every time you sit behind the wheel is a pre-condition for safe driving. All other additions will immensely improve the safety conditions and, coupled with a clear mind and concentrated approach, you can rest assured that you did your absolute best when it comes to safe driving.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in latest technology, gadgets and games. She enjoys spending her free time reading latest IT news and exercising at the local gym.

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