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Must have technologies to support your remote workforce

For many businesses, especially in the COVID era, building and maintaining a remote workforce has helped create a competitive advantage.

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Today, more than ever, having the tools and technology in place to support a remote workforce is essential. Not only does working remotely help reduce overhead costs, boost employee efficiency, and increase productivity, it can also create a happier and more loyal workforce. This translates to increased profits and better customer experiences.

What business doesn’t want that? Here are some technologies and tools you can implement to support remote workers in your business. 

Essential Technologies

As you build your remote workforce, there are a few essential technologies you should have in place. These include:


A virtual private network is essential for all businesses that require a secure internet system. A VPN offers a secure way to communicate and store information without using a public internet connection.

Faxing Capabilities

Faxing is still an effective way to communicate with many of your customers. The right fax services will ensure you can share resources and information securely.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol

Modern VoIP technology is designed to help reduce costs related to communication and increase your team’s flexibility. When you implement this technology into your business, you will empower your employees by ensuring they can answer or access their office phones from anywhere. They often come with additional features such as call forwarding to smart devices, teleconferencing abilities, and more.

Network Security

Network security is essential. If you are hacked, it can cost you a lot of money and lead to negative feedback about your business. Without proper security, hackers may take advantage of vulnerabilities in your network.  

Collaborative Tech Tools

These are essential to increase employee efficiency and productivity. There are several apps, such as GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Linc, and SharePoint to use. If your remote workforce doesn’t have access to collaborative tools, completing projects remotely will be virtually impossible.

Support Technologies to Have in Place

The following technologies will support your team as they work remotely, by providing safe and secure ways to store data and share information. These include:

Cloud Technology

Cloud optimization is growing in importance in today’s business environment. Some companies are making the transition to the cloud to ensure easy access to information and resources outside the office. Having compatible mobile apps is now considered a must.

Home Office

Any employee that will be working remotely needs proper office technology. This includes having access to printers, tablets, and laptops, as necessary. It is also a good idea to invest in a higher quality headset for online meetings and discussions.

Project Management

It is essential to have communication and feedback tools in place to manage your remote workers. You will need the ability to manage the project from afar, so look for project management tools that will help you keep track of your employees and their work.

Time Tracking Solutions

Many employees who work remotely take advantage of time tracking software that clearly outlines the work being performed and the time it takes to complete tasks. The software then sends this information to your payroll staff, which helps you save time and reduces paperwork.

Technical Services Support

When you have the right tools and technology in place, it will be easy to support your remote workers. These can help you save time, money, and frustration by streamlining the processes you use in the office in a remote work environment. 

For many businesses, especially in the COVID era, building and maintaining a remote workforce has helped create a competitive advantage that is needed to survive even the most difficult marketplaces. With the right technology and the right people, you will be able to build a successful, productive and efficient remote workforce that may even continue beyond the current pandemic.

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