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Need a Note 7 sized phone but don’t want to blow up your wallet?

You know, or your leg. Take a look at the Vernee Mars 4G Phablet over at Gearbest.

Over at Gearbest you can grab the Vernee Mars 4G Phablet for just $199.99 using the coupon code vernee8Mars. 

This phone comes in both the gray and gold colors, and it’s got the 1mm thick bezel so you know that sweet screen fills up the majority of the display, and the sweet metal unibody makes the phone smooth to the touch.. This is the type of phone for someone who wants the look of an iPhone but doesn’t want to pay near the price. Not only that, but there’s a 75% chance it’ll be less likely to blow up on you than the Samsung Note 7. Yay for Chinese innovation!

Other things this phone offers: Sweet 8 core processor. 4 GB onboard RAM with 32GB of onboard memory. 13MP rear cam, 5MP front cam. Plus it’s got that sweet dual sim card status, so you can take calls on your main carrier or a backup for a burner phone w/o having to carry more than one device. That’s the shit.

Hurry up and bust over to Gearbest and get your order in now before they ship on October 17th.

Vernee Mars 4G Phablet, $199 with code vernee8mars

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