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Never run out of ink again with this $20 Omega series 4 inkless pen

Never run out of ink again! With an axl-metal tip & anodized aluminum shaft, this inkless pen lets you write comfortably and smudge-free.

Omega inkless pen
Image: KnowTechie Store

Computers, email and the internet may have changed writing forever, but there’s still nothing like the feeling of taking a pen to paper. Whether you’re signing a document, journaling, crafting handwritten letters or just doodling, the Omega Series 4 Inkless Pen is the perfect tool for all of your writing needs. Right now it’s just $20. It normally sells for $50.

Never run out of ink again with this like-magic pen that allows you to write forever using the same AXL-METAL tip. This eco-friendly writing utensil is the last pen you’ll ever need. It works via a metal compound that requires no sharpening and won’t run out.

Revive the age-old technique of writing with metal to draw grey lines without smudging or smearing them. This pen’s anodized aluminum shaft allows you to write more comfortably.

Usually priced at $50, the Omega Series 4 Inkless Pen has been marked down by 60%, dropping the price to just $19.99. Enjoy the stylish design and infinite use of this waste-reducing, life-changing pen.

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