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New book “cartoonizes” the field of medicine

Have you ever thought that learning medicine could actually be fun?

The size and scope of the American medical industry are undeniable. In 1960, it was worth a measly $27.2 billion, but since then it has skyrocketed to over $4 trillion in 2020. Despite the massive size of the healthcare industry, the American public is becoming more and more health-conscious, which means the need for healthcare professionals is still growing. There are an estimated 2.6 doctors for every thousand Americans, and this number is likely to grow as more young people realize the benefits of becoming a doctor.

Working in the medical field is one of the most respected jobs in America, and one of the highest-paid as well. More students than ever are looking to get into the healthcare industry, but there is certainly a degree of difficulty holding them back. Those who have already been through the process of becoming a doctor are well aware that it isn’t easy. The road to becoming a doctor is paved with stuffy old textbooks and difficult exams, and the nature of medical education can cause some students to swear it off completely.

Healthcare education can seem old-fashioned at times; why learn from archaic methods when we live in the age of digitalization and visualization?

Dr. Joseph Hany Talbet has a solution. He and his team have created several beautiful and educational books that teach young people about medicine. Now he is creating a new book that will be useful to those who want to learn more about medicine as well as medical students.

It all started when Talbet was studying medicine. His penmanship and his love for art led him to write beautiful notes for his classes. His classmates took note and would often borrow his notes, as they made learning the difficult material far easier. This idea – that his artful notes could help other people learn medicine – was what led him to the idea of creating these educational books.

Talbet’s new book will be a definitive resource for anyone who wants to know more about medicine and healthcare. This digital book will change the way general audiences, as well as medical students, view learning about medicine. Hand drawn images display different disorders and conditions as well as procedures to fix them. Talbet and his team believe that providing medical knowledge in a digital/visual format is the best way to relay this vital information to people in a way that they will remember.

“We’re constantly on Instagram, we’re doing videos and graphics, why don’t we have a simpler, cartoonized way of introducing medicine? We can hardly overestimate the value of images, photos, videos or art in general in our lives,” said Talbet. Providing people with images helps them remember things much more easily. In this way, his new book will be the perfect resource to help medical students remember certain parts of the anatomy or certain disorders, to help them succeed in their academic and professional lives.

The book will contain thousands of topics compiled by a team of expert contributors from around the world, focusing on surgery, dermatology, nutrition, radiology, and more. Each of these entries will contain a definition, etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment. Essentially each entry will provide all of the necessary information about a medical topic in a nutshell, all along with useful and appealing visuals.

The healthcare industry in America is as large as it is vital, and although there are constant innovations being made in the field of medicine, very rarely is there any innovation in the way people learn about medicine. This new book from Talbet and his team marks the first step in the digitization of healthcare education. In a digital world, this step is bound to make medical knowledge far more accessible for a new generation.

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