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New capabilities to Magento

The features of the new generation electronic platform are optimal not only for large and medium but also for small businesses.

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Most online stores choose the Magento platform for their work. This is an ideal opportunity to facilitate the work of website employees, make the resource convenient for use by visitors and customers, significantly improving business performance. Many famous brands and corporations have made their choice in favor of Magento. The features of the new generation electronic platform are optimal not only for large and medium but also for small businesses.

What is so special about Magento?

The functionality of the Magento development platform provides users with a unique opportunity to independently choose how their business will develop. Online store managers are able to start their business starting with basic functions, and then resort to a more advanced version of the platform.

Magento is one of the most flexible platforms today. Being open-source, the system provides the ability to integrate a wide variety of modules or extensions. A huge number of various extensions and useful plugins have already been developed in the Magento platform. If you wish to get something special and unique, then developers will always be able to create a module from scratch in accordance with your wishes. If you wish to get something special/unique, developers are always able to easily develop and create a module according to your preferences.

About 5% of all online stores in the world today are created on the platform develop Magento. Thanks to this, it is one of the most popular and dynamically developing. Right now, it is used by about 150 thousand online stores. The most famous global brands that work on Magento include:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Ford
  • Fox Connect
  • Warby Parker
  • Olympus, etc.

Magento’s advantages over the competition

Magento system is a flexible tool for online business development. Its capabilities are optimal for stores that have more than 400 different goods or services in their catalog. The advantage will be the ability to use the platform even before the start of the development of your own store.

Magento will allow you to quickly optimize search queries, which will bring the online store to a leading position. The platform includes a large set of tools that will allow you to generate comprehensive reporting and analytics for further study. The system implies the use of flexible templates, which will help to implement a truly unique and convenient website with individual settings.

An important role in the success of Magento is played by the stable resistance of the CMS to viruses and fast loading of all types of pages. The ease of administration deserves special attention. This means that the created website on Magento will be convenient for use not only by visitors. Your employees will be able to freely manage the online store, independently add, delete, and edit any data on the website.

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