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New game hosting comparison and review website ‘BestGameHosting’ launched

Best Game Hosting will focus on maintaining its comprehensive list of game hosting providers and lists of the best ‘game’ server hosting

best game server hosting providers
Image: Best Game Hosting

An increased presence of game server hosting has arisen since the outbreak of coronavirus. Now Best Game Hosting ( has launched in a mission to provide any player with the best options for game server hosting.

The website has comparison and review pages for over 50 games as well as over 45 game hosting providers. Each is ranked by number and compared to each other.

Each page focuses on price, performance, game server control panel, server locations, and many more features you need to look out for when looking for a hosting provider.

Best Game Hosting will focus on maintaining its comprehensive list of game hosting providers and lists of the best ‘game’ server hosting sections to ensure that every player will get the best price and server hosting.

How Tech is Impacting Game Server Hosting

With a huge uprise in demand with game server hosting and game hosting providers are using technology to automate and innovate the whole process using clever software and programming.

An example is game hosting providers setting up custom control panels, we can see that most of the aspects game hosting customers look for are now automated, like mod installation and map changes.

Software and technology are now adapting it’s way into game server hosting as well as other aspects of hosting.

Advanced servers can now take up to 30,000,000 players, looking at Call of Duty, in the first month, over 30m active players logged into the game and their servers.

Comparing Game Server Hosting Providers

Some game hosting providers have specific focuses on certain games like Minecraft or Ark: Survival Evolved.

As well as game hosting providers for each game, Best Game Hosting has sections for reviews of each host, for example, here’s their Bisecthosting review, which is very popular.

While looking at some of the sections on, we had a look at the best Ark server hosting section and saw some great hosting providers filtered down to price, performance and other server hosting performance.

You need to access your budget, potential growth and other factors that your server will face, looking at making a Minecraft server, you’ll need to find the best Minecraft server hosting, generate players, set up Buycraft and some other features you’ll need.

Price is one of the most maintained and viewed elements of Best Game Hosting. Game players will want to be sure that they’re getting the best price and overall the best game hosting provider.

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