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The new Rule 34: If it has a screen, someone will play games on it

if they have screens, someone will surely think of running a game for them, giving birth to a new Rule 34.


Looking back at the history of computers, I think it’s safe to say that games were perhaps the strongest driving force behind their development. Game developers built games that were more beautiful, sophisticated and power-hungry, and hardware makers were there to exceed their requirements with more and more powerful hardware. But at the root of this all, we’ll find a team of engineers with a crazy idea: to use one of the Brookhaven National Library’s analog computers to play a multi-player video game.

While the computer in question was far from being fit for playing games on it, and the display used was an oscilloscope, it is the perfect example of my point: if it has a screen, it will be used for video games.

Let’s see another example: mobile phones. After Snake became such a huge hit on the Nokia 6110, mobile gaming has become a thing. When later phones got color displays and decent hardware and software (although I don’t know who would call Java a “decent” software today) the number of games started to grow. Even online gambling companies started to discover the potential of the new platform. Royal Vegas, one of the oldest online casinos out there, was among the first to offer Java-powered slot machines to its players. And it had them on its website until as recently as two years ago.

But screens continued to grow, and hardware became even stronger, turning phones into legit gaming platforms. And the services evolved with the devices. Getting started at Royal Vegas is easier today than ever, thanks to the improved security and faster mobile broadband we can use. You can play a collection of over 100 mobile games at the Royal Vegas Casino, and you don’t even need the latest flagship – you only need a decent smartphone to do so.

The next gadget to hit the market was the smartwatch. It didn’t seem to be a perfect gaming platform at first – but this didn’t stop the Royal Vegas Casino from breaking into it. Soon after the first Android Wear devices hit the market, the operator was ready with its own software for it – a slot machine. And it was soon followed by a second one. The developer behind the portal, Microgaming, considers that wearable gadgets will be the future. And it plans to stay ahead of the crowd.

The years to come will bring us a series of new devices that might have screens attached to them – namely fridges, air conditioners, thermostats, washing machines and their likes. And if they have screens, someone will surely think of running a game for them, giving birth to a new Rule 34.

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