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New technologies in washing machines

These are some of the many additions of technology in the washing machine industry. And they are still developing more.

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Washing machines are a very important part of our lives. It makes life convenient and easy. But since the invention of the washing machines, many advanced features have been added to it because of the advancement in technology. 

We spoke to a representative from Avisiouk who does smart home installation and they said, “There has been a lot of new washing machine technology introduced over the years to improve efficiency and performance. The new features that help washing machines to perform better include internal water heaters, higher spin speeds, anti-vibration technology, and tub cleaning cycles. All these features work together to make life a lot easier when doing laundry.”

So, let’s look at some of the new technologies added to washing machines till now. 

Built-in Heaters

The premium machines are now over low energy consuming in-built ceramic heaters. The purpose of these heaters is. Heating the water conveniently and prevents calcium from building up in the washer.

Twin Wash Technology

This has to be the most revolutionary technological advancement in the field. It allows the machine to wash delicate and heavy laundry simultaneously in two different drums connected to the main machine.

6 Motion DD technology and Wave Motion

This technology concentrates on six basic functions of the washing machine and works through them smoothly. Such as Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, Filtration. This is a way to get all the dirt and stain off entirely in the machine. 

VRT+ and Anti Vibration technology

VRT+ indicates the Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. The vibration and whirring are major issues while using the washing machine. And this technology conveniently solves it by making the machine stable.

Aqua Energie technology

This is a hard water treatment technology added for a smooth and hassle-free washing experience. The simple science of converting hard water to soft water. Where we all know hard water is hazardous for clothes. You can find more on Aqua Energie and other technologies applied to washing machines on GotAbout Buyers’ Guide.

Smart technologies

Touch Control Panel, smart auto detergent dispenser, Smart Inverter technology, Smart Control using Apps and Smart Sensor Technology are some of the internet and AI (artificial intelligence) controlled features added to the machine. Controlling through voice commands and the washing machine working by itself has become the biggest help around the house.

Silver Nano Technology

To keep your clothes ever shining and fresh, many washing machines offer this technology.  It uses the emission of silver ions in the clothes while washing and gives it bacterial protection as well as protecting the fabric from the inner mechanism Hussle.

Turbo Wash and advanced Drum Technology

Turbo wash consists of atomizing rime spray that helps soak the clothes faster and helps to remove stains and dirt off them. Where in the drum arena, there have been introduced a bunch of technologies. Like turbo drum, drum lamp, crescent moon drum etc. 

Inverter Heat Pump Drying

The dryer is the most convenient addition to the machine. The inverter heat pump technology just helps to work it out perfectly by consuming less power and working just as efficiently in case of a power outage.

Child Lock Technology

Do we have to say anything about this advanced addition? What makes it better is if these are smart locks for kids. Makes it more convenient. To make the home environment safer for your kids and giving you ease of mind child lock is a must.

Active Oxygen Programme

To kill bacteria and keep your clothes just as shiny and smooth there is no alternative to this technology. The function of this tech works while the water is being prepared.

These are some of the many additions of technology in the washing machine industry. And they are still developing more. Including bloom was action, anti-tangle technology, 3D wash system etc. you can check out the product reviews by GotAbout of different washing machines then decide the features and technologies you prefer for your house.

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