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New technology in wakeboarding

Here are some of the latest innovations that have come to the world of wakeboarding that you might want to check out.

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Technology is an ever-changing industry that affects everything, including wakeboarding. Wakeboarding technology has been on the move, just like you will see with any sport, introducing newer and better products to make the sport more fun and interesting. Here are the latest innovations that have come to the world of wakeboarding that you might want to check out.


The first innovation that we want to tell you about is SurfGate transfer. SurfGate came out in 2012, bringing with it two hydraulic plates on eat side of the boat. That way, you will be able to balance the boat evenly, without needing to use ballast bags of water. It is safer, easier, and far more effective than the ballast method. 

As the pros at Wakeboard Buddy explained, by dragging one of the plates in the water, the water is moved and you will get a great wave to work with. It also is controlled with a button, so you can change the side of the boat that needs the weight.


Looking at the name of AutoWake, you probably already have an idea about what it is and what it can do. This type of technology is exclusive to Moomba and Supra, but if you can get it, it is worth it. The technology works by monitoring the running surface of the boat. That way, it can automatically adjust the ballast levels to ensure that you are getting the best hull position possible.

What makes this nice is if there are passengers in the boat moving around. Since AutoWake is a sensor, it will move things for you as weight shifts. If someone in the boat changes seats, the AutoWake will adjust itself to ensure that the rider is safe and still able to have a good time.

Tigé “TAPS” 3

Have you heard of an adjustable performance system yet? If you have not, it is time to look at one. The Tigé Adjustable Performance System (TAPS) allows you to adjust the shape and the size of your wake and your wave, making you in complete control while you are riding. The center plate of the TAPS will give you more control over the maneuverability of the board, giving you better planning and running attitude.

There are also outer plates with this system and they will go into place when you are wakeboarding, so you will be able to accept all of the wakeboarding potential that is out there.

Tigé Alpha E2 Tower

If you are looking for an easier tower setup, you should check out the Tigé Alpha E2 Tower. Towers can be incredibly large, and this one might not be an exception, but the difference is that this is an all-electric tower that can fold itself down as needed. It only takes a push of a button. This is especially nice if the waterways that you prefer have low bridges since you can adjust them quickly, safely ducking underneath.

The electric tower also is great, because you can easily get it to fold into itself in order to store it well. The only real downside to this one is that you are going to miss all of the effort that it took to adjust a tower yourself, meaning there are no downsides to an all-electric tower. You will love it.

Pavati All-Aluminium Design

The final piece of technological advancement that we are going to look at is the Pavati All-Aluminum wakeboard. This is actually the first all-aluminum wakeboard around. The pro to having an aluminum boat is that it is going to be much lighter out on the water and that it is incredibly strong. This kind of strength will allow the boat to hold up well against anything.

The other big advantage of this is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Aluminum only requires a gel coating to protecting against the elements, but otherwise, there is no maintenance. Just buffer as needed.

There are so many new types of wakeboarding technologies out on the market today. With so many options, there plenty of technology out there to choose from, you just need to know what you are looking for. Otherwise, try all that you can.

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