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No struggle, no progress

Struggles make up a huge part of human lives. Nothing worth having comes easy. One has to put their sweat and blood to achieve something that they have dreamt of. None of the billionaires in the world right now have had a smooth journey. Every single one of them began struggling. Many hindrances and issues blocked their way from getting the ultimate success, but the never-giving-up attitude is what kept them going. Similarly, there are many people in the world that go through struggles each day to reach a milestone that they set for themselves, and one of them is Aquiles Este. 

Aquiles Este is a renowned international brand management consultant and practitioner. He has been in the industry for more than 25 years and is well-aware of the dynamics of the field. Today, Aquiles owns a branding agency called ‘SEMIoTICS,’ which is completely managed by him and enjoys an international-class status. But reaching this position was not an easy journey. He had to leave places, people, and things to transform his vision into reality.

A Smooth Sailing Career

Born and brought up in Venezuela, Aquiles began his brand management journey from his hometown. He studied journalism and advertising from Universidad Central de Venezuela. Este later went to Universidade de São Paulo, where he obtained a doctorate’s degree in Semiotics in 1988.

After gearing himself with enough field-related knowledge, Aquiles was ready to step into the professional world. He joined ProDiseño, one of the most celebrated design schools in Latin America, as the dean. He worked there for eight years and helped the students won the prestigious International Design Magazine Annual Design Review in 2000. He enjoyed educating youngsters with his profound knowledge in the field and continued in academics for a few years. He taught Corporate Branding at ‘Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración’ (IESA), one of Latin America’s leading business schools.

Soon Aquiles’ knowledge and works caught the eye of the international audience. He was invited to collaborate with New York University’s linguist, Ray C. Dougherty, to work on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Analytics. He also conducted a research project on the interrelation between Charles S. Peirce’s concept of sign replication and Marshall McLuhan’s media theories; as a visiting faculty.

Expect the Unexpected 

Everything in Aquiles’ life was perfect. He was traveling far and wide for research purposes, and his career trajectory was smoothly moving upwards. But as unforeseen situation always knocks unexpectedly, he too had to face certain issues. Living in Venezuela, his business was targeted by the higher authorities of the Chavista regime. As Aquiles was a consultant and a brand expert, he had clients all around the world. The officials from Hugo Chavez’s tyranny often interrogated his team and called up his clients to get details. This was affecting his business’s viability severely. The hindrances created by the officials were so much that they had put his business at a loss. This was when Aquiles decided to switch places. 

The land of opportunities, America, was his first choice. Being a qualified world-class individual, Aquiles was a treasure full of knowledge and expertise. He used his skills as bait and entered the United States in 2009 under the EB1-A Special Talents visa. He chose Miami as his humble abode and has resided there ever since.

Beginning a New Chapter

The decision to move out of his birthplace was tough, but Aquiles was determined to establish himself as one of the best brand consultants; he had to take this step. Equipped with knowledge and experience, Este launched ‘SEMIoTICS,’ a data-driven branding agency. Working in America with full creative freedom, he found himself exploring new techniques to make branding more impactful. He uses the technology of predictive analytics for what he calls ‘polimercial’ brands.’ “We fully entered the age of ‘polimercial’ marketing – Aquiles wrote for The New York Times – days in which most service and product companies will be forced to position themselves on political and social issues and politicians, in full exercise of the office, will shamelessly embrace the topics and techniques of commercial promotion.

His team uses Big Data to determine the target demographic’s desires and frustrations to create campaigns accordingly. His unique approach to use Social Intelligence platforms proved to be successful and effective as his technology was used to predict the results of the 2016 United States National Election, working along with a British consultancy named Social Data Intelligence.

Making the right decision at the right time and not giving up even after facing a huge blow from life has made Aquiles the man he is today. With his excellent work and expertise, he had secured himself as a permanent contributor for the New York Times, writing on political marketing and polimercial brands.

Currently, Aquiles is teaching Brand Content Management at Miami Herbert Business School. He is also working on two publications, which are ‘The Science of Anticipation,’ which is due in 2021, and ‘Data-Drive Brands,’ which would be released in 2022. His story is an inspiration for anyone who is on the verge of giving up and is looking for something to hold on to. 

Never give up and always believe in yourself!


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