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Nooie home security cameras hold their own against the industry’s biggest names

Nooie is hooking up KnowTechie readers with some exclusive discounts to some of its best-selling security cameras.

Why are home security cameras all the rage right now? I have a couple of theories. One may be the phenomenon that seems to afflict both new parents and pet owners: the overpowering need to see what is happening around the house with their new pets and babies. At. All. Times. It’s not about being big brother; it’s simply about making sure that their babies are sleeping peacefully, and their new couch doesn’t become a chew toy. 

Another factor: Home security product manufacturers have managed to make home security products accessible to the masses, easy to use and, in some cases, even cool. Traditionally, home security products have been cold and robotic, often expensive and requiring costly installations from a contractor. That’s what makes this line of home security cameras from a startup called Nooie such a value-add: They have the same features and quality as bigger names in the market, but at a fraction of the price, and they’re pretty stylish too.

Nooie embraces the concept of “warm tech” – described as intuitive technology that cares for you and your loved ones. Its mission is to give its customers peace of mind, while also providing the best price-performance ratio. The company says that nature inspires the designs of all of its products. So, instead of hard, shiny plastics, Nooie uses materials that look like clay, pottery or stone, and where possible, woven materials that feel soft to the touch. The effect is handsome and unobtrusive. At the same time, Nooie cameras have amazing resolution and all the features you expect in a high quality security camera, with the bonus of being easy to install and use. 

Starting today through December 31st, just in time for the holiday, KnowTechie readers will receive 20% off Nooie’s top-selling cameras – Nooie Cam 360, Nooie Outdoor Cam, and Nooie Doorbell Cam + Base Station with Chime – with this promo code: KNOWTECHIE20

Here’s a rundown of the Nooie Cam 360, Nooie Outdoor Cam and Nooie Doorbell Cam + Base Station with Chime.

Nooie Cam 360

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This camera was Nooie’s first product, and it seems to have set the tone for the company. The camera is very easy to set up, and the installation only takes a few minutes. You’ll hear sounds, voice prompts from the camera, explanations and illustrations to guide you during the process of pairing the camera to the app.

You can place the camera on any surface or mount it to a wall to keep an eye on your children or pets, depending on your preference. From there, you just have to power up the device, connect your phone to a 2.4G or 5G Wi-Fi network after the indicator light flashes red, scan a QR code with the camera, and you’re ready to go. You can check out livestream videos, make recordings, take screenshots, talk or listen through the two-way audio and also receive notifications if the camera detects any motion or sound.

The camera has a vertically and horizontally rotatable module and advanced algorithms that detect and track motions. Nooie chose an earthy beige tone for the camera with a soft, ceramics-like finish, so it will easily integrate into your home environment.

The unit retails for $49.99 – which is less than half of some big-name indoor cams in the market – but KnowTechie readers can get 20% off with the promo code KNOWTECHIE20 at Nooie’s website. 

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Nooie Outdoor Cam

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The Outdoor Cam picks up where the Nooie 360 leaves off and shares many of the same benefits. The quality of the picture and video is really great, thanks to 12 infrared lights and a 1080 HP camera that make the picture extremely crisp, even up to 50 feet.

The camera can rotate 101 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, providing a pretty expansive field of view. The unit offers motion alerts, so you’ll know if anyone or anything enters the frame. There’s also two-way audio if you want to communicate with visitors, and an alarm siren if you want to scare off intruders.

The unit is weatherproof, and it works with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can store any of the video recordings in the Nooie Cloud or on a MicroSD card. Installation is very easy and, like all Nooie products, can be done without the need for a contractor or electrician.

The Nooie Outdoor Cam costs $79.99 at Nooie’s website, but you can take 20% off now with the promo code KNOWTECHNIE20.

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Nooie Doorbell Cam + Base Station with Chime

The Nooie Doorbell Cam + Base Station with Chime can also be up and running within minutes. Nooie decided to make the camera battery-operated, rather than a wired model that is more complex and can require  a contractor to install.

The doorbell camera unit has a natural stone-like texture, and the Base Station, covered in a soft woven fabric, and is stuffed with features, including a paired chime, a Wi-Fi amplifier, and a Micro SD card slot to store your own recordings. (Video storage also available through Nooie Cloud.) Motion alerts will communicate any activity to users, and with a simple press of the button, you can communicate with visitors without face-to-face interaction – which can be an attractive feature during the pandemic.

The camera has a passive infrared sensor and different sensitivity settings for accurate motion detection, with an impressive 2K resolution and great night vision. The unit has an anti-theft mechanism and works with both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi.

The Doorbell Cam retails on Nooie’s website for $149.99, but you can receive 20% off with the code KNOWTECHIE20.

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Nooie’s price points arealready impressive when compared to its competitors. But Nooie’s home security camera line up unquestionably punches above it’s weight, so value is only part of the story.

With 20% off for the holidays, Nooie top-selling cameras would make a great gift for nearly everyone on your list. Order now with promo code: KNOWTECHIE20. You’re welcome. 

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